Can You Spot Them?

By “Them” I am referring to those socialist/communists…..

Now that the Dems are in control of the House we are hearing the “S” word more and more….plus there are some that will equate them with communists….those boogey men from the past…..just more fear mongering by conservs that need this to save their base.

But do you know how to spot a dreaded “communist”?

Let’s jump into the “Way Back Machine” and visit 1947 (a good year for it was when I was born)…..

The magazine “Look” published an article on telling Americans how to spot those elusive “enemies”……

In March 1947 the American magazine LOOK published an article by Leo Cherne, entitled ‘How to spot a Communist’. A typical piece of Cold War propaganda, it provides readers with advice on how to recognise potential communists and communist sympathisers in their midst:

Take a good look at #s 4 & 7…….do they sound familiar to anything said today?

There is your history lesson with a good look at the hysteria drummed up by your fellow citizens.

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Can You Spot Them?

  1. Recall when the Kennedys smeared Florida Senator Claude Pepper who was strong to win the 1960 dem presidential nomination as a commie. Pepper lost that senate seat but retained a House seat in Miami for many years. Then the dems redistricted gerrymandering him out of the white/Jewish cong dist to one majority black and Pepper still kept a seat. When I worked in the Goldwater campaign in ’64, republicans ran Paul O’Neill against him. I Remember the buttons they used to try to defeat Pepper. “Red Pepper” “Red Pepper”. He was no commie. He was a fine old New Dealer esp for elderly.

  2. I was reading something about Roy Cohn a few days ago, trying to do research into what makes Trump tick, and someone was giving Cohn and the right wing for getting the communists out and saving capitalism in the US.
    You never know what opinions people will have. Always interesting.
    The relationship between Trump and Cohn is interesting reading and gives some insights into Trump.

  3. We’ve dumbed down our rhetoric to abhorrent standards. Anytime I hear a true believing rightwinger call some run of the mill Democrat a “Communist”, I always ask them what they call an actual Communist?

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