American Citizen In Detention

Closing Thought–04Mar19

Our president is always going on and on about the “hostages” he has helped release from countries like North Korea…..and yet an American citizen is being held in Saudi Arabia and he is silent and prefers to deal with it with inaction……

A US citizen has been detained and tortured in Saudi Arabia and may be on his last leg, sources tell the New York Times. Walid Fitaihi was apparently held against his will in November 2017 at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh, where guards blindfolded, stripped, slapped, and bound him, then shocked him with electricity for about an hour. A friend says the Harvard-trained doctor was whipped so badly he couldn’t sleep on his wounded back for days. “It is believed that Dr. Fitaihi has been and is tortured at least psychologically during his imprisonment,” his attorney Howard Cooper wrote the State Department in January, per CNN. Cooper described his client as “physically deteriorated” and “emotionally broken.” Now American friends of Fitaihi, 54, are pressing Washington to address his case and criticizing President Trump’s inaction.

And Fitaihi isn’t alone: The dual American-Saudi citizen is one of hundreds of eminent Saudis detained, and at times apparently tortured, in a 2017 crackdown led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Fitaihi’s friend says he was likely tortured for information about Adel Fakeih, a relative by marriage and an ex-senior aide to the crown prince. Al Jazeera notes that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, himself a murder victim of Saudi agents, tweeted about Fitaihi in 2018: “What has happened to us?” he wrote in Arabic. “How can someone like Dr. Walid Fitaihi be arrested and what are the justifications for it?” Meanwhile, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner met with the crown prince this week, but it seems Fitaihi’s imprisonment wasn’t discussed. Trump says he has successfully extricated 20 US citizens held abroad.

Once again we can see how this president puts personal gain over the lives of his fellow countrymen……

11 thoughts on “American Citizen In Detention

  1. His meeting with the crown prince? I would not trust them as far as I could throw them…. Kushner, has said he plans to release a full plan on his Mideast peace initiative after Israel conducts its elections 9 April, said he is ultimately seeking economic “opportunities” for Palestinians.
    Yeah right, but it is a pity that Netanyahu could still win re-election as coalition partners pledge loyalty despite graft charges

    1. We have been teased for 2 years now with a “solution” to the Palestinian-Israeli situation……his plan will screw the Pals as they are always screwed by the West….chuq

  2. It was hard for me to “like” this as it’s so painful to read about. I think when Trump talks about “making America great again” he is talking about making us more like Saudi Arabia.

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