Closing Thought–25Feb19

WE have been bombarded with the possibility the our president might have committed some crime or another… so many of his advisers have been convicted and others are awaiting trial….all that got me to thinking… does other presidential administrations stack up against the Trump as far as people and crime?

And now for your history lesson…(damn you knew that was going, right?)

DAMN!  Did you know that GOP administrations are 38 times more criminal than that of the Dems?

38 times!

Republican administrations have vastly more corruption than Democratic administrations. We provide new research on the numbers to make the case.

We compared 28 years each of Democratic and Republican administrations, 1961-2016, five Presidents from each party. During that period Republicans scored eighteen times more individuals and entities indicted, thirty-eight times more convictions, and thirty-nine times more individuals who had prison time.

Given the at least 17 active investigations plaguing President Trump, he is on a path to exceed previous administrations, though the effects of White House obstruction, potential pardons, and the as-yet unknown impact of the GOP’s selection of judges may limit investigations, subpoenas, prosecutions, etc. Of course, as we are comparing equal numbers of Presidents and years in office from the Democratic and Republican parties, the current President is not included.

We’re aware some of our numbers differ from other totals, but we explain our criteria below.

If we look back at our history then the troubles with the Trump administrations should be nothing of a surprise.

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2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–25Feb19

  1. Deep down, most politicians are ‘takers’. That means they are always on the borderline of corruption, so potential criminals. The older I get, the less I trust anyone who seeks power.
    (Except me, of course! 🙂 )
    Best wishes, Pete.

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