Those Shifting Poles

There has been a murmur in the conspiracy world of the shifting of the magnetic poles will end all life on Earth and then NASA got involved…..

Now you can believe the hype or the science it is up to you.

My shifting poles are the poles in politics and especially with war.

For decades the GOP has been home to what we call the “war Hawks” and the Democratic Party has been the home of those that tried to push back on war we called the “peace-niks”….in the past couple of months there seems to be slight changing of the political poles.

I am not saying that the GOP has become anti-war…..only that Trump is pulling the party in that direction….

Imagine if, during President George W. Bush’s occupation of Iraq, someone had predicted that in about a decade, Republican voters would oppose war more than Democrats. Few would have believed it.

Yet according to new polling, it’s happening. It might even be President Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment to date.

The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald broke down this new data in a recent piece in which he claims Democrats are “becoming far more militaristic and pro-war than Republicans.” Greenwald says that while the overwhelming majority of Washington elites opposed—or, more accurately, had a total meltdown over—Trump’s December announcement that he would withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, polling data from Morning Consult/Politico shows that 49 percent of Americans support the decision while 33 percent oppose it.

What this year has shown is that the Dems are becoming more war-like….just look at their reaction of Trump’s announcement of pulling troops from Syria and about half the troops from Afghanistan……the MSM went batcrap crazy and the Dems joined in…..

The GOP has not become totally anti-war….but their numbers are dwindling as Trump tries to move his “policies” forward.

9 thoughts on “Those Shifting Poles

      1. Dont worry, the end of this world only happens after the / a Pope (of the Roman-Catholic Church) was murdered. Actually all possible persons could do this are outside the Vatican State. 😉 Michael

  1. Democrats have always been referred to by some as the war party. Wilson, FDR, Truman and Kennedy all took us to war. Clinton in the Balkans. Democrats have been more in favor of intervening.

    Exception would be the Bush terms, all three terms. Those boys did like to go to war,

    1. Hillary was a hawk also. Trump wanted to bring the troops home.
      Those respective positions move a lot of votes to Trump and was a big factor in Trump’s win.

      If Hillary has won, I believe we would be in a war now. We are to come extent but I mean in a really big way, much like one if the Bush wars.

    2. The Bushes like their wars and Reagan would pick on an island about the size of peanut on the map….both parties have had their detractors for war…..chuq

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