Good Coffee!

May I see a show of hands….how many ever had a good cup of coffee?  Now how many had a good cup while serving in the military?  If you were in a war zone then most times you depended on instant which makes a ghastly cup of coffee or you were at CandC and you had to drink coffee from a huge urn that was made around the time of the crucifixion….any way a good cup of coffee in the military is a thing of desire from soldiers from decades long past.

My regular visitors know that I truly love my coffee….black no sugar… seems I find more bad coffee than good…..

I do a lot of research and in some of my readings I find a good piece that I would like to share on my weekends when I try to stay away from the mind numbing crap in the news for the past week.

One of my sessions of research I found an article about how to make a good cup of coffee in bad places…..

Making coffee isn’t strictly relegated to your kitchen or the local coffee shop. People around the world find ways to enjoy a hot brew in high-altitude mountains to the middle of the ocean, and everywhere in-between. A good cup of coffee can make inhospitable conditions more tolerable, but the quality in your cup often suffers without the trappings of your home coffee kit.

Evan Hafer, the CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, found a way to make great coffee in one of the most extreme environments on earth: war.

Hafer served as both a U.S. Army Special Forces non-commissioned officer (NCO) and a contractor for the CIA, with assignments that took him to combat zones around the world. Even during the invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003, he found a way to grind and brew his daily dose of caffeine — without sacrificing quality.

Some great ideas and I think that this should be included in the combat package that they give to every troop deploying to a war zone…..

And now it is time for one of my marvelous cups of freshly ground Colombian beans…..cheers!

16 thoughts on “Good Coffee!

  1. I used to drink a lot of fresh coffee at one time. Mostly Kenyan Blue Mountain, or Illy Italian espresso, made in a two-piece machine. But over the years, all that strong coffee started to affect my stomach, so I switched to a very good premium instant, and eventually got used to it.
    I have never been in the military, but I can imagine how a strong cup of coffee (or tea, in the British Army) can help a tired soldier.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Blue Mtn is one of my faves…….I have been a coffee drinker for 50+ years…..I can drink it up to bed and not miss a wink… Vietnam it was an instant and it was horrible but during a monsoon a cup of hot coffee is warming…LOL chuq

  2. I can humbly claim to have made some of the best coffee I’ve ever brewed, in a hole in southern Iraq (1991). Perhaps the privations endured there (and not in subsequent, recent tours) in the relative luxury of Baghdad……colored my assessment.

    I admire the fellas at BRC, and spend my share of money for their coffee and swag.

  3. I still prefer to drink mine from a military surplus aluminized cup that is part of an old chow set that I purchased at the surplus store.

      1. Did you ever eat any of those “Scrambled Eggs” (The yellow ones with the slightly green aura about them) that started out as some kind of powdery substance in a large cardboard container?

      2. Ah rubber eggs! About all we had in Vietnam unless we went a stole some real ones….and that got expensive if caught…..LOL chuq

      3. Did you have the mock “Fried” potatoes as well? They always seemed to manage to pick up some of the metallic flavor from the mess kit.

      4. I remember eating them out of those aluminized mess kits alongside of some “Fried” potatoes that were part fried, part mashed and part nearly raw. LOL

      5. My memories go to the C Rats the eggs and ham….probably the worse tasting thing ….don’t get me started on the MREs veggie burger…..LOL chuq

      6. I remember liking the canned Chop Suey that came in the can with the olive-drab-colored wrapper. I liked that a lot. I ate a lot of it in 1957 during trips to “The Field.”

      7. Never tried that one….my favorite was beans and franks…..damn tasty…..MREs are a step above but still not as good as a hot meal….chuq

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