Where’s That Middle Class?

I would post on that diabolical “caravan” but it seems to have vanished off the news…..go figure……

Now that the Midterms are over and we have a new Democratic House…..there is one question I want to ask them……”whatcha ya gonna do” for the Middle Class?

How many times have you heard a reference to the “Middle Class” by your politicians?

The Middle Class use to be the poster child for capitalism and for the US.  The Middle Class expands and the economic society is healthy and progressing….

Sad to say that the Middle Class nowadays is nothing but a slogan in the same vane as “patriotism, veterans, etc”….a campaign slogan that few believe any longer…..

Like or not the “bourgeois is getting recast as the proletariat”…..interesting concept right?

The American Conservative has a view on the Middle Class that every American should read……

Everyone loves the middle class. Everyone claims to be middle-class—some to put a gloss on their sketchy escutcheons, others to dodge chastisement for their awkward riches. But in fact both the socioeconomic reality and the concept of the middle class have been turned on their heads and, at the same time, trivialized into a mere lifestyle choice.

Economically, the middle classes were once proprietors, self-employed owners of property and their own labor. Morally, they were the equivalent of “solid citizens”: decent, hard-working, law-abiding, temperate, proper, staid, virtuous, and—well, moral. The qualifications for being middle class have gotten a whole lot looser, to say the least.

The European term “middle classes” originally served to describe merchants, tradesmen, investors, and skilled craftsmen. The habitat of these classes was the walled city—the burg, bourg, or borough—hence their appellation, les bourgeois. The bourgeoisie occupied a middle ground between the nobility and the lower classes of peasants and servants.


Wages flat….not what Trump wants the “Middle Class” to believe…..we are now divided into two distinct classes…..wealthy and worker…..as long as the corruption continues the chances of a reset are looking better and better…..

Things are changing……

“Out of the frying pan, into the fire” is an apt description of our current place in history. No matter what you think of globalization, I believe we’ll soon discover that capitalism without it is much, much worse.

No one needs to convince establishment economists, politicians and pundits that the absence of globalization and growth spells trouble. They’ve pushed globalization as the Viagra of economic growth for years. But globalization has never been popular with everyone. Capitalism’s critics recognize that it generates tremendous wealth and power for a tiny fraction of the Earth’s seven billion people, makes room for some in the middle class, but keeps most of humanity destitute and desperate, while trashing the planet and jeopardizing human survival for generations to come.


The Middle Class is disappearing……what will the new “House” do to change that?

18 thoughts on “Where’s That Middle Class?

  1. I think the idea of a viable middle class is disappearing everywhere. Most countries now seem to be divided firmly between that haves and have-nots. Very little exists in between.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The “New House” is controlled by democrats who are themselves divided into three separate ideological warring factions so the answer to your question is, “They will be so preoccupied with their hatred of Trump and of each other that they will do nothing but institute endless investigations into the President and each other and nothing will get done for anybody.

    1. The cycle has to be broken somewhere just not now…..the Dems have to get some of this out of their system…..we will see who embraces the Constitution more….chuq

      1. Let’s also see who ignores it altogether or who tries to get it rewritten … I think we could do without the 14th amendment. (Unless we start buying and selling slaves again .. which is doubtful at best.)

      2. The whole document will come into view…..cannot do one part without looking and acting on the whole….I really do not think that too many want that right now….there are a few amendments that I think need eliminating but I am just a little person that has no power to do anything but bitch….chuq

  3. Yeah…you are calling this one right; capitalism has to have somewhere to expand to (hence Globalism) or it doesn’t work. Capitalism fueled colonial expansion for a reason; native markets had become saturated. With no new markets that tends to happen. It does get real ugly, and even uglier when you try to expand somewhere you aren’t wanted.


  4. I think the media calmed down somewhat on the caravan when they found out that tents would be erected and the people would be fed. Remember, they have to have medical exams, paperwork filled out, etc., etc. – the gates aren’t going to open up and jobs and housing supplied along with monthly welfare checks. (at least I hope not)

    1. Asylum requests may take years to litigate. That is a long time to live in a tent city, just to be deported when it is over. Not very appealing prospects.

      1. No, I don’t. That was not my point at all. I don’t like catch and release, which is what we are doing now.

      2. One theory is that they think they will be detained at the border, their names will be taken and they will be released to live their lnew life in the US. And that when the democrats get back in power they will be given amnesty under an immigration reform bill.

        There are groups based in the US and parts of Central America who want to flood our southwest with Latinos with the aim of becoming the majority of the population. Much like Americans flooded Texas until they became the majority and split off as an independent county.

        The process could work in reverse with the southwest breaking off from the US. I think that will happen eventually. The US will break into several countries. They want to speed up the process along the southwest. We split into two countries once but they were forced back together by the civil war.

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