Yemen’s David To Saudi Goliath

Saudi Arabia has been in the news for about a month….their war with Yemen…well the Houthi tribesmen….has made news on many occasions….like the attack on the school bus killing children, their creation of a humanitarian crisis….let us not forget that the US is ass deep in the conflict as well….

But news comes out that calls into question just what our time and money has proved in Saudi.

We train their military….we provide some air cover….we are also fight AQAP at the same time the Saudis are destroying the poorest country in the Middle East….all the while the Houthis are the “bad guys”…..why?

I bring our involvement out because of something I read while most Americans are laser focused on who did what to whom in the midterms…..

Yemen’s Shi’ite Houthi movement has managed to stave off an intense offensive against the vital aid port of Hodeidah on Tuesday. After several days of losses, they have stopped the Saudi-led forces’ advance just on the outskirts of the city itself.

Three coordinated offensives were being launched against the city, and it has trapped thousands of civilians within. The front-line of the fighting has gotten dangerously close to the main hospital in Hodeidah, threatening to further worsen the humanitarian crisis.

The Houthis also reported they’d halted an incursion by Saudi-backed forces into Yemen. The Saudis have not commented on any attempt to send fighters across the border so far, and all indications are that they continue to be focused on attacking the aid port.

Hodeidah is the port that imports 70% to 80% of all aid into Yemen, and the last such port under the Houthis’ control. Saudi forces have been attacking the area for weeks, and have cut off supply lines for the city, but so far have not taken the port over itself.


After billions upon billions have been spent by the US as well as the Saudis and these people cannot dislodge a few Houthi tribesmen?

I question the sanity of our involvement….as should every thinking American.

Time for the question to be asked and an adequate answer be provided….

Lara Seligman interviews Sen. Chris Murphy on the need to end U.S. involvement in the war on Yemen:

FP: How much responsibility does the United States bear for the humanitarian disaster in Yemen?

CM: I think there is an American imprint on every single civilian death inside Yemen. We sell them the bombs, we help them with the targeting, we fuel their planes in mid-air, and we give them moral cover. So I don’t think there is any way around complete American culpability for the humanitarian nightmare that is happening there.

We also have made no meaningful effort at all to try to find a path to peace. The Trump administration has been totally AWOL on the political process. They have outsourced it to the U.N., and there is no sign that the U.N. is making any progress. It stands to reason the Saudis will never move until the United States commands them to move.

As I have said many times…the US is ass deep in the blood of Yemen……

US-backed forces loyal to the Saudi and UAE governments continue to attack the main Yemeni aid port of Hodeidah Wednesday. While the city itself remains unbreached, ground troops have seized the main road leading into the city, even more tightly restricting flow to and from it.


Amid growing international calls to stop threatening the vital port, the Houthis’ leader issued a statement calling US calls for a ceasefire “hypocritical,” given US-backed forces have dramatically escalated their attacks since the call, and US support for those forces has not slowed.


The time has come….do not let it slip away.

2 thoughts on “Yemen’s David To Saudi Goliath

  1. As well as the physical involvement of US support in Yemen, most western nations share the blame for turning a blind eye to what is happening there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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