“Making America Great Again”–Part 12

The historic series about this country…..we have been through the pre-war days, the war, the convention and then the first 3 presidents and their approach to governing the new nation.

This part of the series covers the War that few Americans understand…they know we fought and won this war but little else is known……the War of 1812…..

Maj. Sjursen gives the reader an excellent look at the conflict……

Part 12 of “American History for Truthdiggers.”

“Strange indeed did it appear to me to find so many names, familiar household words, as enemies—the very names of officers in our own army. … How uncomfortably like a civil war.” —British Lt. John Le Couteur upon visiting an American Army camp (1813)

Americans, sadly, know little of their own history. Who among us recalls anything about the War of 1812? Few, if any. What those few do tend to remember are patriotic anecdotes from a long-ago war: Andrew Jackson mowing down foolish redcoats at the Battle of New Orleans; Dolly Madison saving the portrait of George Washington just before the British burned down the capital; Francis Scott Key penning “The Star Spangled Banner” as he observed the bombardment of Fort McHenry.


So much is unknown about this War……read and learn stuff.

Class Dismissed!

7 thoughts on ““Making America Great Again”–Part 12

  1. This war is all but forgotten here too, but I remember leaning something about it. Often called ‘the war with no winners’, I would agree with the writer that the British retention of Canada was enough of a victorious outcome. Also that the war was not fought against an aggressive British by a small band of revolutionary heroes, but was by all accounts an American attempt to ‘land grab’ in Canada, one that didn’t succeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Always wondered why the US and Canada have not combined into one country. I have always thought we should.

    Is the writer of the series an original thinker? I have never been a real student of American hustory. A lot of his ideas are new to me. I wonder to what extent his views are mainstream.

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