2018 Psi Phi Society–Fall Session

Autumn has arrived, although down here it still feels like late Summer, and time for the meeting of the Psi Phi (ΦΨ) Society Fall Session.

Once again we met at a local steakhouse for a meal some drinks and a round of discussion subject chosen by the pick of the draw from a stainless steel bed pan.  The steak house has a great conference room that we take over for most of the evening.

Me?  I had a great steak and the fixin’s and the perfect Spanish “Tinto Fino”……..dishes cleared and pens and notebooks out and at the ready……I pulled out my tablet for our friend, the owner of the steak house, has great WiFi…..

Last nights discussion was about the “discovery” of calculus…..was it Newton or Leibniz……(40 minutes for a familiarization of the subject)…..of course coffee or after dinner drink while preparing.

Calculus– used for counting and calculations, as on an abacus is the mathematical study of continuous change, in the same way that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of generalizations of arithmetic operations.

The Math Teacher and the History professor went at it for about an hour and then being someone who loves throwing that wrench into the proverbial machinery I brought up that the Babylonians used calculus to track Jupiter ………(to illustrate my point)

The earliest known examples of mathematical and geometric astronomy have been identified in a series of ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablets.

An analysis of the tablets, reported in the journal Science, reveals ancient Babylonians were able to calculate the position of Jupiter using geometric techniques previously believed to have been first used some 1,400 years later in 14th century Europe.

“These texts are the earliest evidence we have from antiquity of mathematical astronomy,” said the study’s author Dr Mathieu Ossendrijver, a historian on Babylonian astronomy with the Humboldt University in Berlin.


Of course I got a typical retort…..Newton and Leibniz developed “modern calculus”…..all trying to lessen the contribution of the ancients.

Then why is it not called that in the debate and why do so many not acknowledge the science of the Babylonians/Assyrians?  (sound of crickets)….please do  not get me started on Hippocrates, the father of medicine…..(total BS…he plagiarized most everything he is credited with)

Our debate went into the early hours….all in all….good food, good company and excellent brandy.

Our waitress, Rhonda, made out like a bandit……but we all believe that good service deserves a great tip……plus she got her “steps” in for the day (I am assuming that she does that since she had a Fit Bit)

Our meeting we decided to set up what would be called the (ζ ξ) Zeta Xi Circle which will set future agendas and other duties to be named…..(plus another reason for a few of us to get together outside the Society meeting)……

Another successful meeting of the Psi Phi Society…..now on to the Winter Session…..Date TBA.

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