Seriously! What Did It Accomplish?

Yes I watched the hearings for SCOTUS yesterday….not because I give a shit on who gets what….I watched because I wanted to see how far these toads would push the political theater.

I was not disappointed.

I made the investment in beer and popcorn……

We had Graham give his little rant that nothing to do with anything but the cameras were on.

We had the nominee teared up over his yearbook entry…..very phony in appearance.  But he made damn sure that he got his digs oin at those that tried to get to the bottom of the accusations.  (not convincing in the least)

 In a public meltdown that many found nearly impossibly to comprehend, Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement and early responses before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday offered a stark contrast to Dr. Christine Ford’s morning appearance, as the Supreme Court nominee launched into an angry, tear-streaked tirade against the Democratic Party and those who have alleged that he sexual assaulted them.

We had Orin Hatch talking and showing that dementia is setting in.

We had Jeff Flake talk about his confusion and  decisions to be made (his  mind was made up a week ago)

We had the Dems on the committee get their digs in against the nominee

And we had the president do what the president knows how to do (about the only thing he does know how to do) he tweeted his thoughts and patted himself on the back.

He was not alone…Tweeter was alive with the tribal back and forth….that accomplishes nothing but confusion and hate.

All in all this “hearing” was a total waste of time and money.  It accomplished nothing but a source of so-called “news”……and the speculation that followed….endless.

Now the vote will go forward and the GOP will weather the repercussions from these accusations.

But there is more that is being ignored……

The media, Congress, and the American people continue to fix to their attention on Brett Kavanaugh and today’s hearings regarding allegations of sexual assault and harassment against him. While these are serious issues and should not be taken lightly, there are numerous other developments that are falling by the wayside as the national conversation remains preoccupied with the Supreme Court nominee.

In the end we will have another philandering judge on the Supreme Court…..another judge that puts ideology ahead of the rule of law.

What can I say…..I suffer the slings and arrows of bad political theater so my reader does not….

12 thoughts on “Seriously! What Did It Accomplish?

  1. It has been running on the news channel of the BBC all day, and still on now. I am heartily fed up with it by now, and annoyed that it is pushing far more important issues out of the spotlight. It is painfully obvious that he did it, so why doesn’t he do the decent thing, and fade away with some vestige of dignity?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Hatch plead this morning (9-28-18) for a return to dignity and… oh well, I couldn’t stop laughing either! As for our little statutory attempted rapist, how can one be alarmed about his indiscretion as a entitled boy when the pussy grabber and philanderer-in-chief occupies the White House?

    1. I think he was just playing to the cameras……he has nothing to lose…..I would like to believe that this was progressive but I am having a hard time with it….chuq

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