Space, The Final Frontier (Again)

Our Dear Leader has proposed a new branch for our military, a space force.  I have written extensively on the subject…..  (several reference posts included in this one post)

The Obama administration was also on-board with a space force……

Like I said I have written extensively on this idea……plus there are those officials in Congress that are pushing back on the idea of a separate “Space Force”……

A bipartisan group that includes generals and lawmakers fears that carving the new branch out of the Air Force would siphon resources from other programs and weaken the military.

Republican Reps. Steve Knight of California and Mike Coffman of Colorado would appear the ideal champions of a new military branch focused on space.

Three of Knight’s top five donors are aerospace giants Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell, which would be well-positioned to help build and outfit it. And Coffman’s district is an epicenter of the military’s current space operations.

But with all the criticism there is a necessity for a Space Force/Space Corps…..

Discussions in recent days with friends and family indicate that few have a clue as to why establishing a US Space Force might actually be a good idea.

Allow me to offer a few reasons:

(1) Good government and governance: currently, military space capability is diffused amongst the Air Force, Navy, Army, National Reconnaissance Office, Missile Defense Agency, and other agencies. The Defense Department periodically reorganizes its space authority. This results in a lack of unity of command, budget overlap, and confusion about “who is in charge”.

Back and forth….will we or won’t we?

Even the House Armed Forces Committee is not taking sides right now…..

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry said he is not yet ready to weigh in on how a Space Force should be organized or how much it should cost.

Thornberry’s committee has been a dynamic proponent of a reorganization of military space forces, and that push will continue into the next legislative season, he told reporters on Tuesday on Capitol Hill. But Thornberry suggested that the scope and pace of the reorganization is still up for discussion.

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson set off a heated debate last week when she submitted to Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan a detailed proposal for how to organize a Space Force as an independent military service, which was the mandate from President Trump. She estimated the cost at about $13 billion over five years.

I ask as I always ask….if we are to have this 5th special branch of our military……where will the money come from?

Now, Donald Trump is clearly, if I can coin a word, a nostalgiac. He longs for the 1950s and 1960s, the years of his youth, and since entering the Oval Office he’s been trying to take us all back – lock, stock, and barrel – to that highly fossil-fueled, deeply polluted age when you didn’t have to put “again” after “great” while mentioning this country. Having already done his best, in a globally warming world, to burn yet more fossil fuels, he’s now adding to his nostalgia for that ancient era of American preeminence by proposing that we all revisit Star Trek (with him, of course, as Captain Kirk). He’s ordered the creation of a sixth branch of the U.S. military, a Space Force, for which, in language redolent of that distant age, he invoked “our destiny beyond the Earth.” As TomDispatch regular and expert on Pentagon spending William Hartung points out today, that means one thing: money, money, money, and yet more money. I think it’s clear what his once-vaunted plan for funding the rebuilding of this country’s failing infrastructure will have meant on his departure from office: nothing built or rebuilt on this small planet of ours – not a mile of new high-speed rail, for instance – but plenty of new weaponry in outer space. Let Hartung fill you in on the future according to our own Captain Kirk.

Is this truly necessary?

A damn good question that has no answers being offered.

5 thoughts on “Space, The Final Frontier (Again)

  1. This Space Force thing is beyond ludicrous. I cannot believe it is not being laughed at, and dismissed as fantasy. How can so many people debate this so seriously?
    Oh, I realise I know the answer to that. Money to be made.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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