Closing Thought–05Sep18

It’s A Trap!

Those immortal words of Admiral Akbar in the Star Wars final chapter (that is until Disney screwed the whole thing up), Return of the Jedi.

These days the sentiment is for the creation of a separate “Space Force”….

It’s not too late to make a better choice about Department of Defense organization than creation of a separate space force to join the existing services.

Former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s perspective on creation of a separate military service for space was spot-on – creating a separate service for space operations would have the undesirable and unintended effect of creating more segregation in military planning and employment, rather than the integration we truly need to effectively organize, train, equip, plan for, and employ forces to serve U.S. national security needs.

Just another way to expand the defense budget….like they do not get too much now but it is not enough they want billions more that they can piss away.

Speaking of Space……do any of you old farts remember SDI?….or Reagan’s Star Wars as it was called in the press….

Not to worry as usual I can help you with your knowledge……

If you need a bit more to understand then this vid may help…..

Sadly word was that after several missteps the program was abandoned……or was it?

The Pentagon is studying the deployment of space-based missiles and new sensors to counter the growing threat of high-speed missile attacks from China and Russia, senior defense officials said Tuesday.

Michael Griffin, undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, said a network of 1,000 missile interceptors deployed on satellite launchers, could be built for $20 billion—not at a cost of hundreds of billions as critics of space weapons assert.

Griffin, a long-time missile defense expert, said missile threats are increasing and space-based defenses are needed to counter the threats.

Some things never change.

7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Sep18

  1. I remember ‘Star Wars’. No doubt many people made their fortunes from that before it was scrapped. And it looks like that is all set to happen again, as friends of the current leadership get contracts worth billions, for a scheme that will also eventually be scrapped. The cycle continues, as the poor keep on being poor.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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