The “Pink and Greens”

I bet right now you are thinking that this is some sort of Code Pink and the Green Party collaboration…..well you would be sadly mistaken…..this is about the new colors for the uniforms of the military…..Pink?

Not long ago the US Army replaced the green dress uniforms with a dark blue….which was stupid for the Air Force has blue uniforms….the Army distinction was gone… they are at it again……

Army leadership has been saying for months that a decision on bringing back the World War II-era pinks and greens uniform was due this spring, but with May underway, officials say a decision is still forthcoming.

In the meantime, Marlow White has been building excitement about the prospect of a new service uniform, creating a prospective rollout timeline it last updated on May 2.

The release pegs Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley making a final decision on the uniform and its fielding plan by Nov. 11, with several events leading up to that.

One is a wear test during spring or summer of this year by a recruiting battalion, followed by ― if Milley approves ― an initial rollout next June, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of D-Day.


If I recall correctly the army changed uniforms just 5 or so years ago….so why not spend some of the land fall funds that the Pentagon seems to get whether they want it or not.

What was wrong with the Army green dress uniform?  Not a damn thing… did we really need to waste tax payers money?

A question for the ages.

4 thoughts on “The “Pink and Greens”

  1. One thing about American uniforms, they always seem smarter, and more practical, than those we have over here. Whatever the colour! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The uniform carnival has gotten quite out of hand since 2000. Hated the Army ACU’s, and though I hated the green Class A’s…….I didn’t like the morphed Dress Blues into the new Class A’s. Made everyone look like decorated bus drivers.

    The Marines have always been the ‘sane service’ when it come to utility and battle dress uniforms. It’s parent service however, committed the most egregious of sins….by making a utility uniform that matched the pattern of choppy water. Thankfully, they’re phasing out the ‘blueberries’.

    I don’t mind the Pinks & Greens a bit. Classic, stylish and true to our Army heritage.

    1. I hated the Khakis….did not mind the Dress Greens and was gone before the dark blue things……I like the new idea better than what they have done now….chuq

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