Closing Thought–21May18

Well we had another mass school shooting this time in Texas….but I will not cover that for that is an effort in futility trying to change a culture of violence, guns and killing…..something we Americans excel at……

A Rifle To Kill Americans

There is a new Russian sniper rifle that is designed to kill NATO troops and that includes Americans….the odd part of this story is that this deadly rifle was promoted by the NRA…..

In late 2016, the US Army released a report noting that the Russian military, through experience gained during fighting in Ukraine, was undergoing a transformation and becoming a more potent battlefield threat to American forces. One troublesome development identified by the report’s authors was the increased proficiency of Russian snipers. “The capabilities of a sniper in a Russian contingent is far more advanced than the precision shooters U.S. formations have encountered over the last 15 years,” the study noted. One reason for this was the Russian military’s recent adoption of the ORSIS T-5000, a relatively new Russian-made firearm that the report called “one of the most capable bolt action sniper rifles in the world.” As one military technology expert noted, after reviewing this report, the US Army faced “being outgunned” by foes armed with the T-5000—which can be accurate at a distance of 2,000 yards—and these Russian rifles were showing up in Iraq and Ukraine. That is, this weapon posed a threat to US troops and those of its allies. Yet the National Rifle Association—which boasts it is identified with American patriotism—has helped promote Moscow-based ORSIS and its sniper rifle.

A fascinating story……but it probably matters not…..


17 thoughts on “Closing Thought–21May18

      1. We still have the ‘fallout’! No doubt we will have ‘post-honeymoon’ reports too. It was viewed by almost 14 million here, over three main channels, but over 22 million in America. That’s an interesting differential, at least to me. 🙂

      2. It demonstrates the (total lack of) commitment to democracy…the power of marketing complete fairy tales to the soft-headed (“someday my prince will come)… and the bizarre human instinct to worship/fetishize the ruling class. (Royals, celebs, the 1%, etc)

        At least members of the British Commonwealth have an excuse to pay attention to this shit. (They paid for it!) Americans have NO EXCUSE. If anything, they should be leading the chorus of “boos”, not being the biggest cheerleader for it. Where the fuck my so-called Patriots at? (Answer: Turning over in their graves.)

  1. I can tell you every middle-aged American woman still nursing desperate fantasies of being a princess watched that shit…probably accounted for about 99% of the viewership. The whole thing was a huge yawn to me, but oh well.

    1. I refused to turn on the TV all day and yet a day later and we are still watching that crap…..a yawn is being polite…LOL chuq

      1. Oh, this will go on and on…the celebrity-obsessed media will milk this for as long as possible…

      2. Things are as well as they can be in our crazy times 🙂 Hope everything is going well for you too….

    2. These people who fantasize about “happily ever after” marriages….Jeeez.

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