The Nader Speaks

Back in the day when Ralph Nader was running as a 3rd party candidate I accused him of being a media whore.  Why?  Because every time you turned around he was on the TV spouting some crap that few Americans wanted to hear….not saying that I disagreed with him just he was everywhere… that would be nothing new for it is standard operating procedures for a politico.

Even though I did not think much of his constant natterings I admit that I do agree with some the old dude has had to say about the Democrats…..

If Democrats are wondering why they lost to reality television star Donald Trump and the deeply unpopular GOP in the 2016 elections—and why their advantage in 2018 polling continues to slip—longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader argues the party must stop searching for scapegoats and start fighting for a bold and progressive agenda.

With a rare invitation to appear on cable news, Nader told MSNBC host Ari Melber, Nader said that instead of blaming third party candidates like himself and other external factors for losses that resulted from their own incompetence and inability to articulate an inspiring platform, Democrats must embrace widely popular ideas like Medicare for All and a living wage if they are to oust the “corporate indentured” Republican Party.

Like I said…I agree, at least this time…….the Dems are spending too much time and energy scapegoating….and I think all that crap will not turn the lever in their favor come the next elections.

14 thoughts on “The Nader Speaks

  1. ‘Medicare For All’ is something that might win an election. Until the profiteers get organised to scupper it, that is.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I watch how the system is gamed by the medicos…..bad billings…..they need to reform the system without the industry telling them what to do….until then it will remain a piece of crap….chuq

  2. Nader was and still is mostly about still trying to be as important as he was when he wrote his first book. Fame feeds the delusion that what you have to say is always important. That said, he is deivering the same message as others about “bold and progressive.” That message carries about as much weight as “MAGA” but sound good to folks on left who want to be noticed. Black and brown who did not turn out in the same numbers as they did in 2012, They stayed home, I believe, not because of a lack of “bold and progressive” – but because, I think, they did not believe the candidate would stand for them as they felt President Obama did – period.

    1. Good point. To use a baseball analogy…It’s got to be tough to hit a grand slam home run to win the World Series as your first professional at-bat. It must really screw with your ego and it creates high expectations you have to live up to every time you do something.

      Never thought of it like that before & it explains a few things.

  3. Love him or hate him, Nader is almost always right. It’s part of his party-pooper shtick, something that he clearly enjoys being.

    I remember when he came to Canuckistan to speak out against ending the Canadian phone monopoly and the accompanying deregulation. Nearly everybody thought it was a good idea at the time & thought Nader was nuts. But Nader swore competition would not keep prices down and that deregulation would drive prices way up. He couldn’t have been more right. Decades later, only 1 new player worth mentioning has joined the phone club and it’s part of the cable monopoly. Even without inflation (& cell-phone black-hole-billing) phone bills must be 10X what they used to be. Not only has competition not hurt it, the phone company is now arguably the most powerful Canadian company. They own almost half of ALL media/communication outlets in Canada. They are our Big Pharma/NRA. They practically own politicos. WKRP’s Johnny Fever was right.

    Again, Nader is right about the Democrats. Then again, he said essentially the same thing when he ran. Democrats want to be Republican Light and that just doesn’t sell well in America. It’s a strategy that neither wins, nor represents your supposed ideals. Lose-lose. But the Democrats just mindlessly keep making the same mistake over & over and blame everybody else for it.

    1. There are many of us that have pointed our where Dems go wrong and now they listen when some old relic repeats our words from days gone by…of course he is right….will anyone listen? chuq

      1. I was really angry when they blamed Nader for losing in 2000 & 2004. I vaguely remember crunching the numbers and realizing they were totally full of shit. In 2000, if I recall, the only state were Nader votes could have come into play was Florida…but that pretends Bother Jeb hadn’t already rigged the election there (ie intentionally excluding tens of thousands of legitimate black voters from Voter Rolls), the Butterfly Ballot “Jews for Pat Buchanan” and the Hanging Chads debacle. And as Mikey Moore said, “All you had to do was win your home state, Al.”

        They like to blame everyone except themselves. As always, the Democrats lost because they’re a bunch of fucking losers! They’ll probably find a way to do it again in 2018 and 2020 too.

  4. I voted for Nader in 2000 in Florida, year of hanging chads. So did 97,000 other Floridians. Bush was awarded the state by less than 500 votes (voter registration triple check with ID is important !) . Gore really won the state. There were several counties mid Atlantic coast huge Jewish democrat populations. About 30,000 of those votes went to Pat Buchanan as the punch cards and names did not align. You know they were all meant to be Gore votes.

  5. As the dems continue to nominate “progressives” they are carving defeat. The Bernies, the Elizabeths, the Kamalas, are all so left they’ll make even the most rabid Trump hating moderate dems and independents vote republican or at least not vote. Predict republican victories.

    1. If you truly hate Trump, you hate today’s Republicans. Not voting in this context means your hate is just for show. If you hate the guy, you’re more likely to vote for a snail on the Democratic ticket than not-vote.

      As for not-voting, the truth is that “None of the Above” has won EVERY election for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it beats Democrats & Republicans combined, especially “down-ballot”. This is probably the most important and most ignored demographic in every election. Get even a small percentage of them voting again and you’re a winner.

      In this tribal era, battling over the 3-5% of voters who somehow still haven’t made up their minds is a fools game. Trump has proven even an imbecilic asshole can win Trumpeting stupid/non-existant policy…as long as they are “passionate” enough and/or Alpha enough. Being a pussy (aka Democratic strategy for decades) just get’s you grabbed. Republicans have proven over the last 30 years that being radical isn’t an obstacle to victory. They keep getting more radical, but it just doesn’t hurt them…even as their party’s policies represent a smaller minority and their voting demographic keeps shrinking.

      Now, what you say might very well be true in some Redder areas. The key for Congressional elections is to find the candidate who fits the region best. Putting Bernie in Birmingham won’t work as well as a Blue-Dog Democrat. But elsewhere, Bernie might drive turnout far higher than a capitulating moderate who puts Democratic leaning iffy-voters back into their apolitical coma. “The right tool for the job.”, etc.

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