Food Nazi Speaks (Again)

A few years ago I use to write a food blog, the Food Nazi, and after months of agony I abandoned it for more time on IST…..but to keep its memory alive I from time to time will post some things on food and cooking….

There are awards for everything and yes even in the food industry…..these are the Oscars of Food……

Though the Met Gala probably drew more eyes, Monday night also marked the “Oscars of the food world,” per Eater. Some 600 culinary professionals voted to honor some of the top chefs, restaurants, and restaurateurs in the country at the James Beard Awards in Chicago. Since you’ll need to start booking reservations now, per Grub Street, check out the big winners:

  • Runaway winner’:Bloomberg reports Frank Stitt’s Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham, Ala., stole the show. It was voted best restaurant in America by a panel of chefs, restaurateurs, and food journalists, while its pastry chef, Dolester Miles, was also awarded.
  • Seattle spotlight: Another big winner was Edouardo Jordan. He was named best chef in the northwest for his Seattle restaurant Salare, while his second Seattle eatery, JuneBaby, was named best new restaurant, per Eater. Both restaurants serve Southern-style food.
  • Service crown: The award for outstanding service went to San Francisco’s Zuni Cafe. But it was one of only a few awards to recognize the food scene in San Francisco and New York, per Bloomberg.
  • Women rule: In what Bloomberg calls “a very good year for women,” Gabrielle Hamilton of Manhattan’s Prune restaurant was named outstanding chef. Missy Robbins of Brooklyn’s Lilia was named best chef in New York, while Los Angeles’ Carolina Styne was named outstanding restaurateur.

Most of these eateries go by the rule of thumb…..less food more price….or as it is called in polite circles “Nouveau Cuisine”…..I understand why they went to this business models just I do not agree with it….another reason I am no longer a chef….

Enjoy your day

9 thoughts on “Food Nazi Speaks (Again)

  1. I am growing my own veg, & avoid trendy wacko chefs….thanks chuq…cya around.:-)

      1. chuq,I am sending you a tweet…imp….re: Know more news..Adam Green. I have been on this for a while….young ,but good…they are on it.. thanks mate.

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