The New “Communists”

You guys know me if there is a history lesson or a political lesson to be told I am more than happy to give it to you.

Back in the days of the Cold War Eastern Europe was a hot bed of authoritarian Communists….Romania, Bulgaria, East Germany and even Poland had its share of tough Communists …… forward to today and the rise of nationalism in Eastern Europe smacks of the days of Communism……

Call it electioneering, Viktor Orbán style.

In the weeks ahead of Hungary’s parliamentary election on Sunday, postboxes across the country delivered some welcome news — courtesy of the prime minister. One letter informed households that due to a one-time action by the government, their next gas bill would be reduced by roughly €38. Another, delivered to each of the country’s more than 2 million pensioners, contained about €32 in gift vouchers.

Much has been written about the assaults on press freedom and civil society by Central European governments in Budapest and Warsaw. Far less attention has been paid to a fact their critics prefer to elide: They keep winning elections.

There are events unfolding in Europe that could have far reaching consequences………hold your nose to these events.

14 thoughts on “The New “Communists”

  1. When you look back to these countries before WW2, many had right-wing leanings, and some later openly sided with Hitler, fighting against the Allies. So no real surprise that they have returned to that way of thinking.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Right Chuq, but we should not forget all these eastern europe countries are very small, and fear to be overtaken by the western countries, like Germany? 😉
    Here in Germany we have a lot of former expelled persons from former Prussia (now Poland), also Romania, Hungary and not to forget the Czech Republic. The last one, so named “Sudetendeutsche” want to get back which way ever. You can read at what the want, and how they think the actual prime minister of Bavaria could help them.
    I understand all the small eastern europe countries to save their own territories. Michael

  3. IS he a “communist” a “nationalist” or just opposed to EU/ECB authority over States Rights?

    I’ve yet to find any actual “offenses” this guy is supposed to have committed, other than saying he fears the power that Berlin has over The EU, and announcing plans to nationalize banking (like Abraham Lincoln did in the U.S., shortly before his murder). It seems like a lot of rumor and hearsay; character assassination.

    Orban is very popular in Hungary… because he was one of the first politicians to openly – OPENLY – call for Soviet withdrawal, well before democracy was restored in his country when doing so could mean a visit from The KGB. He then spent decades fighting the socialist party in his country’s legislature.

    Doesn’t sound like a very good commie scumbag to me. Sounds like someone who pissed off a Central Bank and is now being ground under for it.

    1. He is a nationalist and that should worry many Hungarians but with the historic track record this is what they want just like in the 1940s……chuq

  4. I don’t have to look any further than my own hydro bill (Most Canucks still call electricity “hydro”) to know the power of bribes. It’s now almost routine to put “discounts” on hydro bills…rather than just print the final price. It’s like 100% Off sales at Big Box stores. It’s all a sham, but The Stupids fall for it every time. Especially the middle class morons with maxed out credit cards. “Oh, 20 bucks more a month for me to spend at China Mart. My life will be so much better!”

    Thuggery is still thuggery, even if a thug has a decent policy, or two….and even if the thug gets the most votes. Winning isn’t a justification.

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