The Weasel Or The Walrus

It is not a secret that I have not been a supporter of US UN ambassador, Nikki Haley (the Weasel), I thought she was the wrong person to represent the US at the UN and so far I was correct in my belief.

Then there is Trump’s new national security adviser and ex-UN ambassador John Bolton (the Walrus)…..another person that I had no confidence in when at the UN and less so as the adviser to the president.

But of the two which is the scarier?  The Weasel or the Walrus?

In the Trumpean world of all-the-time-stupid, there is, however, one individual who stands out for her complete inability to perceive anything beyond threats of unrelenting violence combined with adherence to policies that have already proven to be catastrophic. That person is our own Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who surfaced in the news lately after she unilaterally and evidently prematurely announced sanctions on Russia. When the White House suggested that she might have been “confused” she responded that “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.” This ignited a firestorm among the Trump haters, lauding Haley as a strong and self-confident woman for standing up to the White House male bullies while also suggesting that the hapless Administration had not bothered to inform one of its senior diplomats of a policy change. It also produced a flurry of Haley for higher office tweets based on what was described as her “brilliant riposte” to the president.

Trump is hiring nothing but extreme war mongers for his foreign policy team and that does not bode well for the country and the world.

Besides it has been said that the Weasel is the most popular politician in the US…….

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is America’s most popular politician according to a study by Quinnipiac University, CNNreported yesterday.

Haley is viewed positively by some 63 per cent of US voters, while only 39 per cent gave their approval of US President Donald Trump. Haley’s popularity also stretched to both sides of the political spectrum, with 75 per cent of Republicans, 55 per cent of Democrats and 63 per cent of Independents supporting the former South Carolina governor. She was only exceeded by former president Barack Obama, who was still held in high regard by some 66 per cent of voters.

The UN envoy has taken strong stands in favour of Israel, particularly in the aftermath of the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in December. When the UN General Assembly voted to condemn the Trump administration’s decision, Haley slammed the global forum as ungrateful for US contributions to the organisation.

That is a scary thought……the Weasel as the most popular politician …..


2 thoughts on “The Weasel Or The Walrus

  1. I am very comfortable with the competence of these two especially for the uncompromising strength they project. The other countries know these two mean exactly what they say and are to be taken seriously as is Trump.

    1. I have no faith….both are paid handsomely by the defense industries and the others that profit from war…..I will say unlike our prez they are not swayed by compliments……that is a good trait but not much more is agreeable to me….chuq

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