BiBi: Believe It Or Not

The Neocon world has awaited for the revelations that BiBi has promised about Iran and its nuke program…..and we finally have his assessment….and we foreign policy wonks were not disappointed….we got his time tried diatribe about Iran….

Benjamin Netanyahu went on Israeli TV Monday night and issued a blunt accusation against the nation he sees as an arch-nemesis: “Iran lied,” he declared. “Big time.” Netanyahu said Israel had obtained a “half ton” of documents proving that Iran had been trying to develop nuclear weapons, something it has long denied, reports the AP. Netanyahu further asserted that Iran sought to cover up the weapons program before signing a 2015 deal with the international community. “Iran is brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapons program,” said the Israeli prime minister. His office billed it as a bombshell development, though Tom DiChristopher of CNBC writes that Netanyahu’s presentation “largely rehashed what the world long ago accepted: That Iran sought to develop nuclear weapons.”

Still, the timing is significant, given that President Trump must decide by May 12 whether to continue to go along with the 2015 deal or reimpose sanctions, reports the Guardian. The newspaper notes that Netanyahu spoke to Trump by phone over the weekend and met in person with new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday. “We’ve shared this material with the United States and the United States can vouch for its authenticity,” Netanyahu said on Monday. Iran did not immediately respond to the claims, but its foreign minister tweeted before the presentation that Netanyahu is “the boy who can’t stop crying wolf” in regard to accusations about Iran. Netanyahu said Israel had obtained 55,000 documents and 183 CDs from the “nuclear archives” of Iran.

This should sit well with the likes of Trump, Bolton and Pompeo…..but is his accusations true?

The same re-packaged lies for the last 20 years.

Well let’s see what Mossad and the CIA have to say about it……

Israel’s intelligence services agree with American intelligence assessments that there is not enough proof to determine whether Iran is building a nuclear bomb, according to a report published Sunday in the New York Times.

The report further quoted one former senior American intelligence official who states that the Mossad “does not disagree with the U.S. on the weapons program,” adding that there is “not a lot of dispute between the U.S. and Israeli intelligence communities on the facts.”

According to the New York Times, the extent of the evidence the spy agencies have collected is unclear since most of their findings are classified. However, intelligence officials say they have been throwing everything they have at the Iranian program


Intel comes from two sources……Kurds in Iraq that go between the two countries and the M.E.K. a groupm of Iranian dissidents…..

Tired old pics as proof….like I said BiBi does not disappoint when Iran is involved.

That aside the question is….can Pres. Trump abandon this agreement?

To answer this I give you an article on this point…..

President Donald Trump has repeatedly voiced his belief that the Iran nuclear deal is flawed and if it is not amended to cure those flaws, the United States should abandon it. On January 12th of this year, he informed the American public that his administration is working with “key European allies” to reach a “new supplemental agreement that would impose new multilateral sanctions if Iran develops or tests long-range missiles, thwarts inspections, or makes progress toward a nuclear weapon.”

As a political document, there is no legal prohibition on the president from withdrawing from the plan of action. The president has given his negotiators until May 12th to reach that agreement; the date upon which he is next required under Section 1245(d) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, codified at 22 U.S.C. § 8513a, to decide whether to renew the waiver of certain sanctions targeting the financial sector of Iran.

I hope that helped in the understanding……

This is more about an accord signed by Obama than an actual threat…..if the same had occurred with North Korea then that situation would be on a different tact altogether.

8 thoughts on “BiBi: Believe It Or Not

  1. The rightwing blog I read is orgasmic over Netanyahu’s press conference yesterday. See, they were lying all the time!!!! Well, yeah, that’s because every country lies in their pursuit of national and international gains. Every country. Including our own. There is absolutely nothing Netanyahu provided or that is disclosed in any of the articles that shows they have done anything to violate the agreement since it was signed in 2015. Absolutely nothing, but to read the right-wingers is to believe Iran is about to deliver a bomb to our doorstep.

    I guess if the idea of whether a country’s leaders lie is the criteria for whether we talk to them, we should not be talking to North Korea, Putin, England, or … ourselves, for that matter.

    1. BiBi has been using the same lies just re-packaging them for 20 years….he needs an enemy and Iran is that enemy….his existence hangs on whether Iran is an enemy or not….chuq

      1. That is true…all it does is give Trump cover to do what people like Bolton and Pompeo have been craving for decades….chuq

  2. Using so-called ‘intelligence’ from dissidents is just nonsense. If they hate the regime, they will say anything. Now France is cosying up to Mr Trump, and no doubt Britain will follow.
    The build-up begins…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I have recently observed from ex-CIA Clapper and ex-NSA Hayden that back when they were forming the current agreement it was known full well that the Iranians were/would lie. In Hayden’s word, that was “built into” the agreement, which then went into the design and became part of the inspections and verification process. According to both these boys Netanyahu revealed nothing new; it was always assumed Iran would lie about further nuke development. It was all about “trust, but verify”. If anyone is being “taken for a ride” here one might point a finger at Netanyahu by presenting his case.. strangely timed, BTW, and done in English… in order to affect U.S. public opinion.

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