A ‘Realist’ National Security

I know that I do not like our president and it comes through in my posts….but even though that is true I try to give his policies the benefit of the doubt….

Recently Trump’s National Security Strategy was released and I was not too kind to its content…..but you ca-n read all about it…..


After I posted my critique on the release I read another opinion on the NSS….it is sorta positive so in fair play I offer it up to my readers for their consideration….

THE HALLMARK of the Donald Trump administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS), which was released in December, is the idea of “principled realism.” This marks a decided shift from the policies of Trump’s two immediate predecessors. President Bush, with his expansive freedom agenda, set a high priority on the use of U.S. power to promote liberty and democracy. President Obama, less committed to the idea of American exceptionalism and more doubtful of the value of the American role in the world, sought to disengage and “lead from behind.” The Trump NSS, by contrast, represents a return to realism.

In his valuable book Realpolitik: A History, the British historian John Bew explains that realpolitik, or realism, was not, as often characterized today, an amoral approach to foreign policy. Instead, it arose in the nineteenth century in Germany, where figures such as Ludwig von Rochau, who believed in classical liberalism and who participated in the 1848 revolution, struggled to define a foreign policy that was true to their ideals but also cognizant of the limits of their power vis-à-vis states and empires ruled by authoritarians. As Bew puts it, realists focused on the question of “how to achieve liberal enlightened goals—which included balance and equilibrium—in a world that did not follow liberal enlightened rules.”


You decide which version is the more accurate….I can wait while you do……


6 thoughts on “A ‘Realist’ National Security

  1. Thank you for this posting. And the question is great too. Now we had to ask, will the USA also in the future pay for things which benefits are only going to third parties?
    OK, Trumps new policy is not so good for the EU too, but when others produce the mud, why should the USA always cleanse it? Michael

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