Syria: Empire Strike Back!

Over the weekend the US and its allies the UK and France hit the country of Syria…..below is the transcript of the speech announcing the raid (it is in the Times of Israel after all that is who’s ass we are protecting away)…..

And then after the attacks the president went on air to call it “Mission Accomplished” that seems to be the favorite phrase for Repubs these days (circa 2003)…..

President Trump trotted out a familiar presidential phrase Saturday morning to praise the Friday night strikes on Syria: “Mission Accomplished!” The phrase came at the end of a tweet in which Trump hailed “a perfectly executed strike last night.” He also thanked France and Britian “for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military,” adding, “Could not have had a better result.” A second tweet praised the US military, which he said would soon be “the finest that our Country has ever had,” thanks to “the spending of billions of fully approved dollars.”

In an address to the nation Friday night, Trump said the US and its allies were punishing Syria for a chemical attack on its civilians, and on Saturday, Syria and backers Russia and Iran condemned the airstrikes and warned of unspecified payback. The UN Security Council was expected to meet Saturday to discuss the matter at the request of Russia. During the assault, the Navy launched more than 100 Tomahawk missiles from destroyers in the Mediterranean, while Air Force B-15 bombers dropped JASSM “standoff” missiles for the first time in combat, reports the AP. Russia claims that Syria shot down 71 of 103 cruise missiles.

Hopefully they will release photos of the damage as they did with the first Trump strike last year and we will see if they were as unaffected as last years.

Personally, I am not sure that we hit the right people….I mean just because the president said it was them does not make it so…..why the rush to attack?

President Trump ordered airstrikes on Syria as a team of experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was about to arrive on Saturday to determine whether a chemical weapons attack had even occurred.

President Donald Trump on Saturday (Syria time) ordered air strikes against Syria in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack last weekend outside Damascus.

So basically we attacked because someone (probably Israel) said that Assad used CWs….is that about it?


30 thoughts on “Syria: Empire Strike Back!

  1. Not probably but definitely….one of those Messianic Rabbis,no doubt. …Kooks the lot of them.
    Paid heed…
    The End Times.

  2. oops,sorry about the use of your space…did not know that wld happen..;-) must dash! good post.

      1. Good on ya! I’m on 7days a week but I will be having a couple of days off next week…coz I have bought a new laptop (more powerful & up to date) & now the task of transferring begins!…ugh. 🙂

      2. This kid is good…exposing info wars,which I know u do not like,me neither..But listen to this…it is new…Know More News’ Listen & apologies in advance if it takes up space..Christopher Bollyn Calls Alex Jones a Zionist “Gatekeeper” via @YouTube

      3. hahaha…but he has a large following..babababa
        we need more black sheep. 😉 like the kid who is exposing him…as critical think say’s we have got to get to the bottom of 9/11..& it ain’t the Muslims! Let me clarify Saud has Jewish roots….check history way back…

      4. did u see Clive(critical think) being interviewed in Syria Crisis? I see u posted..good interview! thanx for posting.. 🙂

      5. Ian has been suspended! Same old..He had a lot of followers…& was v.outspoken…Gotta support Gilad Atzmon.. He is up in court later He has been accused of antisemitism & he is an Israel Jew..LOL

      6. click on UK column & you will get the news,the real news that is! 🙂 Join news 1pm today as we continue dissecting the @theresa_may @conservatives Skripal lie with focus on @BBCNews false redefinition of pure military grade nerve agents

      7. Yup,but oh, just how slow people are…zzzzzzzzzzzz what do they want the muzzle of a gun in their face…sigh.

      8. I just posted Talpiot Talk to you please listen..Thanks..These kids are good.Hot stuff. 😉

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