World War One–A History

1918 was the last year of the Great War, World War One…..this war is not too important to Americans because we had a minor roll and did not suffer as much as the Europeans…..but it is a war that needs to be studied and understood…..

I have a couple of articles that will help understand……some countries played a small role in the war……

This year marks the centenary of the end of World War I, a war that was heralded by American President Woodrow Wilson as “the war to end all wars.” Of course that didn’t happen. Instead, three old dynasties collapsed (Hapsburg, Osman, and Romanov) and in their place sprung up a number of new states that were to be modeled after northwestern Europe’s nation-state.

These new nation-states sowed the seeds of the ethnic strife that has plagued Europe and the Middle East since 1918. You’d think the results of this war would give Wilson a bad name, but Princeton has an entire school dedicated to foreign affairs named after Wilson.

There are many things that were first used during World War One…..things like machine guns, helmets, etc…..below are links to the legacies of the Great War…..

The war was a horrendous waste of human life…..millions upon millions died and for what?


17 thoughts on “World War One–A History

  1. In retrospect, WW1’s biggest achievement was ensuring WW2 would happen. That treaty guaranteed a Round 2.

  2. The Great War is, ironically, probably the most underrated war of all-time. Tens of millions died from the war and the Spanish Flu that was spread by it. Even more came home with physical & mental traumas never seen at that level before. New weapons (Tanks, planes, WMD). Numerous governments collapsed and powerful nations (Austria-Hungary) were dissolved outright. And all kinds of long-term changes occurred. And it basically set everything up for the rest of the century. I could blather on, but people don’t like know-it-alls…Anyway, the “Lesser Powers” link was actually pretty good. The only thing that was new to me was the Dervishes.

    It even got Canuckistan right! The war really drove French & English Canucks apart, which on-paper, makes no sense as France & Britain were on the same side. The catch was that -after centuries of English rule- French Canadians weren’t remotely as attached to their Motherland as English Canadians were to theirs. So when conscription raised it’s ugly head, the idea of being forced to fight because an English Monarch ordered them to…only brought up their past humiliating defeat at the hands of said English Monarchy. Canada has been living with an internal French-English conflict almost ever since. It’s a US North-South kind of thing.

    One thing not on the list was little, quasi-Independant, Newfoundland. Those poor suckers really took it up the ass. They had a total population of under 250,000 but sent about 12,000 men to war, 10% of their male population. They were “lucky” enough to start their war in Gallipoli, a clusterfuck of enormous proportion, where 55% of Newfies there were killed or wounded. They were then sent to France and used in several “Operation Get Behind Newfies” (See: South Park Movie’s: Operation Get Behind Darkie) where they were flung at the very strongest German positions. If I recall, only about 150 Newfoundlanders returned home officially “uninjured”. Needless to say, little Newfoundland struggled from that moment on, eventually being forced to merge with Canuckistan.

    The BBC has had a lot of great documentaries on the war recently. The one with the freshest & most enlightening perspective was probably a 2-parter, The World’s War: Forgotten Soldiers of Empire. It concentrated on the little known battles in Africa & Asia and the European “adventures” of Africans & Asians in the trenches….It done learnified me on some new stuff from that there old war.

    1. WW1 means very little to most Americans….I study it and am fascinated on the amount of people that were killed in every action….thanx for the link….I know have “britbox” so I will look for documentaries on WW1…..chuq

      1. It is the victors who write history & then teach it… I sent you a tweet regarding a book on WW1. Check out Kevin Cole & Richard Grove on twitter.I have sent you some info.
        BBC/Gov is under severe criticism at the moment…Good oh!
        Ah! The decline & fall of empires…
        Keep up the good work.must dash…research,research…
        ‏ 🙂

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