Corruption And The Election

Now with the news that is flowing out of the pens of pundits one might think that this is an op-ed about the election of 2016…..well as much as I would like to write about that election this post is about the election of 1824 not 2016…..

You guessed it!  I am going to bore you with some early American history…..(you knew it was going to be that when you started reading, right?)

The 1824 presidential election marked the final collapse of the Republican-Federalist political framework. For the first time no candidate ran as a Federalist, while five significant candidates competed as Democratic-Republicans. Clearly, no party system functioned in 1824. The official candidate of the Democratic-Republicans to replace Monroe was William H. Crawford, the secretary of the treasury. A caucus of Republicans in Congress had selected him, but this backing by party insiders turned out to be a liability as other candidates called for a more open process for selecting candidates.


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