2018–Internet Collides With Reality

The day after New Years Day……recovering from too much celebrating….so I will not throw too many post for my readers to digest…..

Every year the internet especially social media….there has been lots of doom and gloom about the overuse of the internet….but let’s be honest…..the internet has taken over every aspect on our lives….

Bloomberg has a look at the internet……

The onset of a new year brings plenty of predictions, and so I will hazard one: Many of the biggest events of 2018 will be bound together by a common theme, namely the collision of the virtual internet with the real “flesh and blood” world. This integration is likely to steer our daily lives, our economy, and maybe even politics to an unprecedented degree.

For instance, the coming year will see a major expansion of the “internet of things,” especially home and other smart devices subject to our commands. So much of our time with information technology has been taken up by texting and Facebook, pure communications of symbols and photos and videos. The next steps will be controlling our doors, heating systems, lights, stoves and refrigerators, and moving toward driverless cars. The virtual world will be managing our older physical processes more and more.


That is my offering for the day…..please have a great day and I hope we all have a great year…..peace and out.


6 thoughts on “2018–Internet Collides With Reality

  1. I am eschewing all those ‘electronic helpers’. It is just bringing even more surveillance into our homes; something I have called ‘Big Brother by consent’.
    If I get too far gone to be able to turn on my heating or open a door, I think I am better off dead anyway.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I could not agree more….I need no help with the door or channel changes or ordering my own food……hopefully I will no longer be around when it comes to the total use of this electronic help….chuq

  2. Being on the tail end of a general rejection of technology for the last few years, I see this trend continuing despite more and more of our daily lives being handled by technology. New technology always embraces a new generation, as has its been for the last several. I use a computer every day because I grew up in an era where computers were taking over daily life. My parents do not. My daughter is growing up in an era where it’s viewed as “old school” if it doesn’t have a glowing screen. We may have issues with that, but they don’t and will define how the next generation views and utilizes technology. We see screen time as a distraction just as our parents viewed computer time as a distraction. I think 2018 will be a year where we, as a society, discover the line in the sand and pull back a little on the idea of progress for the sake of progress or change for the sake of change.

    One can be hopeful at least….

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