Misconceptions Of World War One

We are in the middle of the 100 year anniversary of the First World War…..the Great War…..the War to end all wars…..a war the  changed the world forever.

There are many misconceptions about this war…..it is just too simple to say that it all began with an assassination….true a dude was killed and an empire got its panties in a twist but there is so much more to the situation that some simplistic BS.

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was a kind of 9/11 moment for the Austrian leadership. It altered their politics and produced a completely unbroken consensus in favour of war. Prior to the killing, records show that the Austrians were focusing on diplomatic solutions to the Balkans crisis, but after the assassination everything changed.

The archduke was not a popular man in Austria but nonetheless the fact that he was killed upset people hugely. This, after all, was also an attack on the monarchy and the Habsburg state, so it caused an immense shock. At the same time, his dying words to his wife about the couple’s children generated a lot of sympathy for him.


Granted this war does not mean as much to the US as it does to the people of Europe…..but we here in the US should be just as engulfed in this anniversary as Europe…..for the US came out of that war as one of the world’s great powers and we never looked back.

We should be studying this war in finite detail……what would the US be if it had not ventured into this war?  Would we be the power we are today?

World war One should be paramount on the minds of Americans…..but instead we barely acknowledge the event at all.

I guess it is up to the old professor to hammer the event home and make sure it is not forgotten like so much of American history.


6 thoughts on “Misconceptions Of World War One

  1. That assassination might well be one of the early examples of the intervention of big business to start a very profitable war. Easy to use a committed young man to set the wheels of death in motion, once the groundwork had been carefully laid.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Being more knowledgeable than most about WWI and WWII, it’s abundantly clear that WWI fundamentally changed global policy and the relationship people have with their governments. With two of these global wars in our rear view, having not learned our lessons in either, it seems we’re heading for a third. I’m not able to see a difference between corporations and government. That is a recipe for disaster. As much as I hope it doesn’t happen, only a fool would deny the reality that it’s the inevitable conclusion.

    1. Krupp was making millions with their armaments…..the US was making billions off of armaments they had sold to German, UK, France and the Turks…chuq

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