The Hidden Cost Of Religious Hypocrisy

We have a lot of religious manure being spread these days…..Christians are firmly behind a pedophile well several pedopiles and they pretend that they are following some precept of Christianity while supporting these people…..they are not as far as I was taught in my early days of Christian training…..Christianity has become a joke to the rest of the world….Gandhi had statement about Christianity….”It is is lovely ideal too bad it has never been tried” (a paraphrase).

Hypocrisy is running deep in religious circles these days….one candidate in the South says that he is running for a seat the God wants him to have….how pretentious is that?

Back to the religious hypocrisy……..

I’m standing and clapping for Bethany S. Mandel’s op-ed in The New York Times today.  If you don’t know her name or her work, she’s a politically and socially conservative Orthodox Jew. As an adult, she was received into Orthodox Judaism by Rabbi Barry Freundel … who, it came out later, was secretly videotaping women as they undressed and entered into the ritual mikvah bath. Mandel was one of those caught on the dirty rabbi’s camera. He’s now in jail. Excerpts from her column:

It’s hard to describe the depth of my feeling of betrayal. As a convert, I wasn’t just another student of Rabbi Freundel. My faith and practice — my Judaism — was shaped by his words, deeds and thought. For those of us victimized by trusted religious leaders, every day is a struggle to disentangle our negative associations of beautiful rituals from the ugly abusers who taught us about their meaning.

I am sorry but religion is killing itself with all its hypocrisy……we need to get back to religious basics….until then it will forever remain a joke.

10 thoughts on “The Hidden Cost Of Religious Hypocrisy

  1. Virtually every organised religion has been a hiding place for perverts and abusers, over the centuries.
    It makes a mockery of the good work that so many committed religious people do.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. In reference to: ” …Christians are firmly behind a pedophile well several pedopiles and they pretend that they are following some precept of Christianity while supporting these people ….” The point is that nothing has been proven and it is all accusations and hearsay at this point … and that IS the point … “Christians” are right in defending people falsely accused …. Let the accusations be proven before judgment commences!

  3. The hypocrisy is more than just with religion these days, chuq. Amazing state of affairs.

    Interesting about that NK defector… the video and his nutritional condition (not to mention the bullet holes). On CNN this am a fellow who wrote a book on North Korea.. Chang, I believe his last name… said something interesting when commenting about the accusations toward NK about having broken the armistice treaty by allowing bullets aimed at the escaping defector flying into South Korea. American and/or South Korean military did not return fire.. which apparently is the typical stance, for fear of escalating or being accused of an armistice violation themselves. But he states that North Korea openly professes that they do not believe in the armistice…. and if that is the case, the natural result is that there is NO armistice. Just because one side believes it exists does not make it an armistice.
    Although.. one can argue that just because the North spouts off they don’t recognize the armistice, action means everything and it appears for the most part the North does comply.

    1. But the religious toads are making it worse with the Moore “Slap and tickle” story…I am still working on the NK escape freedom story…chuq

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