Deaths In Niger Update

Recently there were reports on the deaths of four special ops troopers in Niger….the info coming out is confusing at best….the American media reported on these deaths and the circumstances but then all the slap and tickle stories sucked all the energy out of one of American deaths in Africa.

But I have a blog and I will continue to report on their deaths until someone gets the story straight….

This is more on the deaths from witnesses on the ground……

New details of the attack in which four US special forces and four Nigerien soldiers were killed by militants suggest that they fought alone against a far superior force for hours – despite repeated calls for help by local villagers.

Testimony collected by the Guardian suggests that soldiers ambushed in Niger last month faced an overwhelming and coordinated attack – but one that might have been cut short if Nigerien authorities had reacted as soon as they were called.

Over the course of a week, the Guardian interviewed local politicians, military sources and residents of Tongo Tongo – the village where the attack took place last month, and found:

At least the UK press is doing their job and reporting the deaths….shame the American press is too wrapped up with the antics of perverts to care about Americans dying.

I shall continue to report on American deaths in these senseless wars that some feel we most fight.

IST feels that every American death is important and needs to be reported….I shall continue until my last breath.


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