Death Of A Green Beret

I recently wrote a couple of posts about the death of a Green Beret at the hands of two SEALs in Mali…..(read them both before you continue)

I have been monitoring the situation and have not had much info on the investigation….but the Army has released a bit more information on the death…..

A jarring story emerged last month about US special operations forces: Two Navy SEALs are under investigation in the death of an Army Green Beret in the African nation of Mali. Details on a potential motive have been scant, but the Daily Beast has talked to five special-ops sources to lay out a narrative. Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar, the 34-year-old victim, discovered that the Navy SEALs were keeping some of the money that was supposed to go to informants, according to the story. When Melgar found the cash, the SEALs reportedly offered him a share of the take, but he turned them down. This eventually led to a confrontation in the early morning hours of June 4, during which Melgar lost consciousness and stopped breathing, per the Daily Beast.

The SEALs and another Green Beret drove Melgar to a clinic, but he was dead upon arrival, US Africa Command officials tell the Daily Beast. At that point, the SEALs’ official account of what happened began to unravel. They reported that Logan had been drunk that night, but no alcohol was found in his system during an autopsy, and it’s believed that Logan didn’t drink, period. Perhaps worse, he had written to his wife about the problems he was having with the SEALs, and she has given those emails to investigators. The official cause of death is “homicide by asphyxiation,” per No charges have been filed against the unidentified members of Navy SEAL Team 6, who remain on administrative leave as the investigation unfolds.

I am amazed how little concern there is for this situation….greed and Americans killing Americans because of it….

The media will go on ad nauseum with all the slap and tickle reports….I have to hear about every person that ever had their butt pinched but not a word on the death of an American at the hands of other Americans.

This is disgraceful and shameful turn of events….every American who dies fighting these senseless wars is news and as such needs to be reported.


3 thoughts on “Death Of A Green Beret

  1. Hard to believe that two men who would go through that awful training to become Seals would then stoop so low as to murder a comrade over money.
    Is there so little honour left in the elite forces? Incredible.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Every sine the Osama raid the SEALs have become a laughing stock….everybody looking for their 15 minutes of fame…truly sad for a noble group….chuq

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