Trump And Foreign Policy

AS I have been harping for almost a year…..Trump is a nightmare when it comes to foreign policy…..he has no idea what he is doing and he hires yes men to do what he desires… a foreign policy wonk I shudder ever time this mental midget opens his mouth concerning world affairs…….right now there is a plethora of vacancies at State that need to be filled if this country’s foreign policy is to survive….but Trump thinks differently……

President Trump sat down with Laura Ingraham Thursday night, and when the Fox News host pressed him on why there are still so many vacancies for top posts in the State Department, he seemed nonplussed. “Let me tell you, the one that matters is me,” Trump said, per the Hill. “I’m the only one that matters because when it comes to it that’s what the policy is going to be.” He also reminded Ingraham that he comes from the business world and that he often tells his own teams, “When you don’t need to fill slots, don’t fill them.” He also put some of the blame on “[Chuck] Schumer and the Democrats” for “obstructing” nominees he’s made for these positions, though a Washington Post/Partnership for Public Service tracker points out he’s made far fewer nominations than the four presidents before him by this time in their tenure.

Trump did touch upon one slot that’s filled at State: Rex Tillerson’s post. Per Politico, the president was asked if the secretary of state would remain with his administration “for the duration,” to which Trump replied: “We’ll see. I don’t know who’s going to be [here for the] duration.” He did add that Tillerson was “working hard” and “doing his best.” Also receiving mentions from Trump: Pyongyang and Putin. Trump called North Korea a “thing that I think we will solve,” per Fox News. “If we don’t solve it, it’s not going to be very pleasant for them. It’s not going to be very pleasant, I guess, for anybody,” he said, without giving further details. As for the Russian president, Trump noted he wouldn’t be against meeting with him during his upcoming trip to Asia. “Putin is very important because they can help us with North Korea,” he said. RealClearPolitics has clips from the interview.

Only a megalomaniac would think in such terms.  A president that cannot spell the names of the countries he visits and yet he is all we need in the arena of world affairs.  What an egocentric douche!

He is on his way to a 10 day visit to Asia oh my bad it is called Indo-Pacific in the Trump world.

President Trump is known for hisnicknames, his unusual suggestions for what to call new legislation, and now, perhaps, for rebranding an entire region. As he starts the first leg of his 10-day visit to Asia on Friday, the AP reports that Trump and administration officials are moving away from using the term “Asia-Pacific” to describe the area and instead opting for “Indo-Pacific.” In a pre-trip presser, National Security Adviser HR McMaster used the moniker several times, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said it 15 times in a speech two weeks ago, and Trump himself mentioned it during a Wednesday Cabinet meeting. While the AP notes the term has been bandied about in foreign policy circles and among countries like Australia and India, some say it could be meant as a thumb in China’s eye—and maybe even an attempt to distance himself from former President Obama, who’d made it a priority to steer foreign policy toward dealings in a 21st-century “Asia-Pacific.

ON this trip he will visit South Korea…….what are the odds that he will wimp out and not go to the 38th parallel and look into North Korea?

There are challenges that the US will face with Asia oh my bad Indo-Pacific……

President Donald Trump departs on Friday for his first trip to Asia. He has a grueling 12-day itinerary ahead with stops in five countries that will test both his stamina and his team’s ability to think strategically about the United States’ role in the world’s most dynamic region. To date, the Trump administration’s Asia policy has been consumed by bungled attempts to counter North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and ineffectual efforts to address the persistent U.S. trade imbalance with the region. Trump can scarcely claim a victory on the latter, and he has made the situation with North Korea even worse. Perhaps more importantly, Trump’s lack of strategic vision for the United States’ broader relationship with the region in the long term has sown great uncertainty about the U.S. commitment to building a regional order in Asia that is beneficial to the United States and its allies.

Does anyone want to bet on how he plays in Asia….damn my bad….Indo-Pacific?

This man is a nightmare for diplomacy….(can he spell diplomacy?)

Will the US diplomatic corps ever recover from the ignorance?


4 thoughts on “Trump And Foreign Policy

  1. He still has not really grasped what to do on the ‘world stage’. If he had a good adviser, and listened to them, he could undo a lot of the bad impressions during this current tour. But like so many other presidents, he is shown playing golf.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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