Closing Thought–28Sep17

Up And Running (almost)

Three months ago Rep. Scalise was shot at a ballpark but a whacked out dumbass.  He was rushed into surgery and a hard time fighting infection and such.

But today the representative returned to the floor of the House of Representatives….

Steve Scalise returned to Congress on Thursday for the first time since being shot. “You have no idea how great this feels to be back at work in the people’s House,” the majority whip told his colleagues, who gave him a standing ovation. Earlier, he tweeted, “I’m back.” The Louisiana congressman was seriously wounded in a shooting at a baseball practice three months ago, and on Thursday he thanked the members of the US Capitol Police who exchanged fire with the gunman and the physicians who saved him. He also thanked his wife, Jennifer, who watched from the visitor’s gallery. Speaker Paul Ryan welcomed Scalise with the words, “Our prayers have been answered,” per the AP.

He walked gingerly with 2 canes….but it is good to see that seems to be recovering nicely….IST wishes him continued success in his rehab…speaking from experience…it is a long hard road back.

Rep. Scalise….be well and safe…..chuq


9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–28Sep17

  1. I wish him well in his recovery. I just wish he had the same thought for the hundreds of Americans shot and killed on the same day and the several more hundreds who were shot and wounded/maimed on the same day as well. I did not hear any regional or national reports about any of the other survivors from being shot on their first day back at work today. I expect that’s why there are still more guns on the street today, no one cares if you got shot except for your family and friends – unless you are rich or famous. And since so few rich and famous get shot, there is no reason to do about the guns.

  2. Both the news itself, and the comments herein point out, to my way of thinking, how flawed society is, for our apparent concern focuses on the guns, when human nature is the real issue. Yes, people get shot every day, and most of it goes unnoticed, as the news will always focus on what sells best.

    The same happens when natural disasters, such as the recent hurricanes, occur; the focus is always on what is NOT important about the whole issue, but, on whatever political agenda is foremost at the time… It’s all the same issue, which is that our society/culture focuses on the show… the glitter, the drama, the agenda, and never addresses the real issue, which is how fear and lack of self-responsibility permeates everything in the public eye….

    The entire political agenda in today’s world consists of finding new drama on which to focus, which does nothing to address any real issues, but, rather, makes every effort to fan the flames of fear among the populace, so they’ll settle for anything or anyone who promises to reduce their fear… which can only happen when they take responsibility for their fears, and for dealing with them….

    Silly humans…. even the panorama of our culture’s progress is becoming sordid and, let’s just say, less entertaining than sad…..

    gigoid, the dubious

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