US First War on Communism

From time to time I do watch the idiot tube especially if the here is something historical being shown.  I occasionally watch the American hero channel, formerly known as the Military Channel…..most times these shows have a bit much propaganda attached to them.

Recently there was a documentary about he Korean War……Korea: America’s First War On Communism…..apparently this is, according to AHC, when Americas came face to face with Communism and turned it into a war.

The truth is the first war was in 1918 when the US and allies joined forces with the forces of the czar in Eastern Russia to combat the Bolsheviks (Communists).

Many Americans would be surprised to learn that the USA, along with Britain, France, and Japan, fought a campaign in Russia just after the Great War (World War I). The primary objective of this action was the re-establishment of an Eastern Front following the collapse of the Russian government during the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, but Allied fear of communist ambitions in other countries also played into the intervention as will be seen below. The overall campaign was named the Polar Bear Expedition, but was also known as the Northern Russian Expedition, the American North Russia Expeditionary Force – ANREF or the American Expeditionary Force North Russia – AEFNR.

These efforts are not mentioned in most history survey courses, and few texts even mention that US troops (or those of any other nation) fought against the Bolsheviks during this period. The presence of US Army units from Michigan in Vladivostok, Archangel, and other Russian locations is rarely noted although the University of Michigan maintains an archive of photographs and other primary evidence relating to the period.

Source: Allied War in Russia, 1918-22

And that was the FIRST war on communism by the US.

If you are going act like some historical authority then maybe get the facts right would help out your credibility.

Class Dismissed!


6 thoughts on “US First War on Communism

  1. Helping the White Army in the civil war was a real error by the countries involved, including Britain.
    Not the last time we have chosen the wrong side…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Good effort, bro, but, I don’t think the general run of Americans really care to study history; it’s too much like work, or thinking, for them to bother. They’ll listen to you, & sagely nod their heads, then forget all you related within two minutes, less if they watch FOX news….

    Guess I’m feeling cynical today….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. Back in the recesses of my mind I do recall the American excursion to Russia during the turbulent revolution.. but the link was a good read as I did not know the detail, nor honestly the numbers of other Allied troops in the venture. Can’t say I can say it was a smart idea… I never lived during those days to feel the emotion of the day to judge one way or the other. But.. again soldiers were called to serve.

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