A Realistic Western Response to North Korea

Almost hourly these days our news stations are airing some story on North Korea…..and with each of these stories the calls for the US and its allies to do something gets louder.

But what to do is where this whole thing falls apart.

We have a wide array of suggestions….from “nuke ’em” to “be patient”

There are good solutions and really horrible ones…..

To understand the logic behind North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons requires some knowledge of its political origins and the state of its economy.

The international media is full of the new confrontation between the U.S. and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (‘DPRK’) in which the DPRK is continuing with its efforts to produce nuclear weapons and, simultaneously, build intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver the nuclear warheads to targets which would include the continental U.S. Some progress has been made by the DPRK in the last ten years in the production of nuclear weapons; five underground tests have been conducted (two successfully). There has also been a gradual progress by the DPRK in building missiles which are increasing in payload and range. This program goes on and has precipitated an elevated response from the U.S. as the prime guarantor of peace in South Asia and in South Korea, its immediate neighbour and prime target.

Despite the rhetoric of diplomacy in the United Nations and efforts at diplomacy between the U.S. and China, the progress and determination of the DPRK goals has not diminished. The stationing of the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) carrier strike group and the SSGN 727 Michigan, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine loaded with nuclear missiles offshore Korea has had little apparent effect in dampening the DPRK determination to press ahead with the development and testing of its weapons and delivery systems.

Source: A Realistic Western Response to North Korea

There are no bad solutions with the exception of “nuke ’em” to this problem…..but all is reallyu needed is a think fest and a view of all possible solutions.

I believe we have people in place that can handle this situation….what we do NOT need is a knee jerk solution or one devised on Twitter.


10 thoughts on “A Realistic Western Response to North Korea

  1. Hmm… Though I did try, I can’t seem to find any cogent remarks to make; the entire situation is fraught with so much embedded INSANITY, it’s difficult to see how any rational response would have any effect. I say, let’s give BOTH sets of leaders & pundits a big dose of some powerful anti-psychotic drugs, & be done with it…. It couldn’t hurt, or make it any less insane, but, it would calm it down several notches, as they’d spend most of their days drooling & giggling at the TV….

    Hmph… crazy fucking idiots, all of ’em…. I see no point in dealing with them in any other respect, as it is commonly accepted that those who are psychotic do not even listen to reason….

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. The only real concern I have is that there’s some lurking pretense to go off half-cocked we haven’t yet imagined. Maybe a wayward missile test goes awry and lands where it shouldn’t… or some encounter at sea between an NK submarine and a surface vessel… I can’t even imagine a scenario but that in itself is PRECISELY why we should worry.. the unknown trigger to all this that gets Americans pissed and want to strike at NK directly. The question then becomes, at what point do we decide on military action to North Korea and pretty much sacrificing death and destruction in Seoul. How pissed do Americans (Japanese? Russians? Chinese?) get before we don’t give a shit about the Korean peninsula at all?

    It’s being much lamented that Kim is holding all the cards given all his artillery is within reach of a devastating strike on Seoul. Well… no. His “card” is simply our reluctance to want see Seoul obliterated. North Korea has had that strategic first strike/retaliatory strike advantage for the last 66 years. Kim has no desire to want to destroy Seoul… much less anything else in the South… unless he perceives such action is a fight for his own life… against America. In other words, if there’s a war on the peninsula the Americans have responsibility for it directly, indirectly, behind the scenes, in front of the scenes… whatever. We NEED to take ourselves out of the equation, and by that alone… that’s OUR leverage over Kim.

    Ugh! Pisses me off just thinking about it. And what makes me such a guru about any of this? Besides being old and wise (in that order) my opinion is just one of 300 million opinions in America.

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