Closing Thought–06Sep17

Hunting Down The Enemy!

I admit it…..back in the day I was a true fan of pulp fiction….mostly spy novels….the location, the women, the equipment……

Then there are real life situations that smack of good fiction…..especially in the spy world……I recently wrote a post about the death of Russian ambassador……

Source: What The Hell? – In Saner Thought

Then there are those that see a conspiracy everywhere and this situation is no different….granted this is a Russian site and is a bit biased in their thoughts….but it does make for some interesting reading….

The more time passes, the more the deaths of Russian ambassadors abroad starts causing suspicions. It seems that something ominous happens. The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Sudan Mirgayas Shirinsky, who was found dead in the swimming pool of the office villa on August […]

Source: The New Entertainment of the American Intelligence Agencies Is Hunting Down Russian Ambassadors?

Whatcha think?


5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–06Sep17

  1. SIGH…. The world of political intrigue, based as it is on the delusional belief in countries and/or government, as something that is actually a part of reality, other than in the human imagination, continues to delve ever deeper into the resultant paranoia which accompanies ANY delusional belief. Thus, any conjecture as to motivation, or responsibility, must first be examined in that light…

    All I can do is smile sadly, & shake my head at the depths of insanity our species is capable of achieving….

    I suppose it would be amusing, if so many people didn’t take such things seriously, just as if it were real…

    gigoid, the dubious

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