Closing Thought–25Aug17

May I Please Have Your Permission!

There is always lots of tension in and around the “Holy Land”….3 religions, 2 people, one land…..makes for lots of news and opinion.

It seems that Israel is trying some sort of “land swap” with the Palestinians and he is asking the US for permission…..

The idea of a vague “land swap” has often been discussed within Israel as a way not only to keep the settlements built in occupied territory, but as a way to get rid of some of their pesky ethnic and religious minorities. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now floating a specific proposal to do just that.

Under the proposal, which Netanyahu is said to have forwarded to the White House, seeking a US imprimatur, the Israeli government would formally annex the Gush Etzion bloc of settlements in the West Bank, and “in return” would give the Palestinians a series of villages in Wadi Ara.

While this is being couched as an even-up trade, what’s actually being proposed here is for Israel to formally expel ethnic Arab villages in Wadi Ara, which are part of Israel’s pre-1967 borders, and whose residents, while Arabs, are Israeli citizens.



Israel has been destroying homes and crops and stealing land for over 50 years and now they are asking the US if it is okay….really?

And what part of this deal involves the US?

Why would the US have any say in the situation?

This smells like a set-up…..a ploy to get the US to sign off on something that can be used on many occasions….don’t trust them they LIE!

Time for me to close down the operation for the day…..back tomorrow with more stuff.  chuq


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