Mr. Trump, Your Timing Sucks!

As promised Pres. Trump has pardoned that racist sheriff from Arizona, Arpaio…..

President Trump wasn’t bluffing: Trump has pardoned former sheriff Joe Arpaio following Arpaio’s conviction for intentionally disobeying a judge’s order in an immigration case. The White House announced the move Friday night, saying the 85-year-old ex-sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County was a “worthy candidate” for a presidential pardon.

He picked today to do the dirty deed because of the storm heading to Texas, Harvey…..the news was released too early for the storm is still over the Gulf and not yet inland.

A news dump after midnight would have put this story on the back burner until the storm stories subsided and then it would be not as highlighted.

Goes to show where the loyalties of this president remains….strongly on the side of the racists.

No doubt now…if there was ever any doubt…

His timing sucks big time…..illustrates the amateurish nature of this man and his administration.


13 thoughts on “Mr. Trump, Your Timing Sucks!

    1. Thanx for the re-blog…I think this was a test drive for his pardoning powers he will use in the future….have a good weekend…..hugz….chuq

      1. Most welcome! I agree … it was a test. I wonder if he’ll be able to get away with it. 🤢
        Good weekend too! 🙏🏽

  1. Roger Stone Says Impeach Trump, Get Ready for Civil War | TMZ via @YouTube
    Your thoughts?
    I know not of Roger Stone.
    Trump is a puppet, but who is pulling his strings?
    So many ‘supremacies’ not the least Chabad. Funny that Jared Kushner is ever so friendly with Mohammed bin Salman Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.Apparently school chums….ah,that bloodline again!

  2. & more to the point…
    “Cui bono?”

    (/kwiː ˈboʊnoʊ/), literally “for whose benefit?”, is a Latin phrase which is still in use as a key forensic question in legal and police investigation: finding out who has a motive for a crime. It is an adage that is used either to suggest a hidden motive or to indicate that the party responsible for something may not be who it appears at first to be.
    It is also rendered as “cui prodest?” (“whom does it profit?”).

      1. War, what is it good for? It’s good for business. It’s good for creating chaos and destruction. It’s good for launching new global organizations, in the aftermath; organizations that exert a level of control and reach that didn’t exist before. It’s good for launching organizations like the United Nations and the European Union and the World Trade Organization—dedicated to Globalism, which in turn is dedicated to planned civilization, in which the individual is demeaned and the group is All.

      2. Perhaps he will be bumped off is he does not follow orders rather like Kennedy.

  3. I had to read up on that sheriff. Seems like a far from distinguished career to me.
    No surprises about the pardon though, surely? He does the opposite of what people want him to do, just ‘because he can’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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