Closing Thought–23Aug17

We humans love us some monuments.  Mostly they are to help us remember certain things.  War Memorials, Cemeteries, etc……we even have one for the veterans of the Cold war….

There is a move to establish a monument for the War on Terror….

The military campaign against international terrorism launched in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks may be far from over, but the fallen U.S. service members of the America’s Global War on Terror are already receiving a physical tribute to their sacrifice.

On Aug. 3, the Senate unanimously passed the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Act, paving the way for the establishment of the National Global War on Terrorism Memorial in Washington, D.C. The legislation now heads to the White House to receive President Donald Trump’s signature.

Source: The Global War On Terror Will Finally Get Its Own Monument In DC

DC is absolutely full of memorials….to wars….to people… it is the logical place to put one for the War on terrorism.

Most of the memorials are for people that are now dead or to wars that have been won or at least finished….I think it is a bit premature to build a memorial to a War that is still being fought with NO idea how it will wind up.

I am not saying I am against this memorial…just that right now may be a bit premature.

After writing this draft the president has signed into law the monument proposal…

President Donald Trump on Friday signed the Global War on Terrorism War Memorial Act, a move he documented by posting to his social media accounts a photo of the signing at Camp David while flanked by thirteen cabinet members and other staff.

The legislation clears the way for construction of a memorial to U.S. service members who have fought in the war on terror.

Time to go down for a nap… old farts need our naps….see you guys tomorrow with a bag full of stuff.  chuq

7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–23Aug17

    1. B. P, Maybe we can have Trumpet defend it like that Knight of Malta, or whatever, from one of the Indiana Jones movie. Donald could be a Knight of Hatred and Racism!

  1. It would be too easy to go off on this, as I think it is one of humanity’s greatest flaws to glorify those who go to war… Now, if they decided to build a monument to all the innocents who have died at the hands of those who wage war, perhaps I’d be on board… But, too many humans think it’s a good thing to make heroes out of those who are not smart enough to avoid such involvement in using violence as a political tool, or are misguided enough to think they are acting out of good intentions…. I respect those who would give their life to protect their families; the sad truth is that the reasons for war never actually have anything to do with that….If we truly respected the dead. we would build monuments to only those who die needlessly…. We would not glorify the act of killing….

    There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that says, “Do you want to understand war? Listen to the cries from the slaughterhouse at midnight.”

    It has also been said, there are any number of good reasons to live; there are also some good reasons to die. There are NO good reasons to kill.”

    gigoid, the dubious

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