IST Blogging Update–2017

I have been blogging for over 10 years…..about 11 come December…for the first couple of years I was on Blogger….a good site but I found it more better here on WordPress.

I will admit that in the beginning the going was slow…lucky to get 5 hits a day and even luckier if I got that many comments in a week…..but things have changed for the better.

Followers…I could go a month with no new followers….most of my followers come from WordPress I do get some from Twitter and that is where I lose followers when I do lose them….I do not use Facebook for anything I do not trust them or their system.

But this year has been an excellent year….here recently I have been getting 2-5 new followers a day….. (at the time of this post could drop off at anytime)….and the comments have gone from an average of 10 a day to an average of 35-80 a day.

Comments is where I judge my Blog…..people on WP are not shy about giving their opinions and there is where I judge the “popularity” of the Blog…..without comments then those visitors could very well be just bots.

I try to make my posts as inviting and as diverse as I can that in the hopes that they will feel like commenting.  I have read some blogs where the author in the first paragraph insults the reader to the point that a comment will not come.  And then these same bloggers cannot figure out why they have so few visitors or commenters and usually they blame it on the government that has them under some sort of surveillance.

I do not think that the theme or the font or the color guarantees success….if anything I believe it is content….plus offer up one’s own analysis to go with the post….that helps others know your thinking and the opportunity for them to comment.

Be consistent and convenient….will help build the blog into somethin g people will follow and comment.

All in all the experience I have had in blogging has been the most positive on WordPress….I have always said that if some reader thinks they have an idea to help IST become a better visit to let me know and I will consider the suggestion.

Blogging is hard work if you want to give the public a successful source of information or entertainment……the readers will find you just hang in there and give it a chance.

There have been disappointments but they are small compared to the people I have met…..people that enjoy a good exchange of ideas and opinions…..after all we are in this experiment together why not make the most of it?

That is it for today……keeping my eye on Irma just in case she decides to change her mind on where she wants to landfall……enjoy your weekend and keep up the positive thoughts…Peace out!  chuq


6 thoughts on “IST Blogging Update–2017

    1. Thanx I keep trying to make it a place to visit if fore no other reason than to catch up with others…..kind words appreciated….have a good Saturday and be safe on your travels….chuq

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