Closing Thought–07Aug17

The Smuggler’s Life

Smuggling use to be a noble gig….you would run American beer or cigs into a country and make a killing off the product.  Then came the drugs.

Drug smuggling became a lucrative occupation as well as a dangerous one.

Have you seen the movies and some TV shows about how the CIA was involved in the drug smuggling trade?  Movies like “Air America” and TV shows like “Snowfall”……

How about the top 10 drug smugglers of the CIA?

The Central Intelligence Agency, created in 1947, oversaw the distribution of many of the billions the US spread around. This paper trail was clandestine, its secrecy justified by supposed national security concerns. But the reality was that the CIA’s aims aligned easily with brutal figures worldwide. Public awareness of its feats would have embarrassed the agency.

One result is that huge drug syndicates have emerged; another is that countries have transformed into major drug producers. Because drugs are illegal, traffickers use some of their ill-gotten riches to pay law enforcement to look the other way, if not get in on the action. Corruption and criminality corrode governments. Civilians suffer.

Source: Meet the CIA’s 10 Favorite Drug Traffickers | Alternet

Hope you learned something today…..It has been a joy imparting the info to my readers…..have a day….chuq


8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Aug17

  1. I have read so many articles or reviews about the blogger lovers however this piece
    of writing is really a nice article, keep it up.

  2. A number of books exposing the CIA’s part in establishing the modern cocaine marketplace have been published, & guess who was in charge of that agency when the chicanery took place? Why, none other than George H. W. Bush, the senior Shrub himself….

    But, I wouldn’t like to burst any bubbles for anyone, or anything like that. Nope. Not me….

    (coughs modestly)

    Always good to see bubbles bursting, isn’t it? Nice post bro….

    gigoid, the dubious


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