Closing Thought–27Jun17

Let’s have a little fun today.


The Truth Is Out There!

Nope not a post about those supposedly illegals that sneak across our borders and steal jobs…..rather I am talking about those aliens from another planet that are visiting…and I use the term loosely.

News could be bigger than the Moon Landing.

By now most everyone has heard about the hacker group called “Anonymous”, right?

They say they have proof that aliens are here and NASA knows all about it…..

Anonymous, the global hacking collective, believes that alien life exists—and it thinks that NASA is about to confirm it.

The shadowy group made the claim in a 12-and-a-half-minute video published on an unofficial YouTube channel on Tuesday.

The video centers around recent findings by the American space organization, including the discovery of 219 new planet candidates—10 of which present similar conditions to Earth—by NASA’s Kepler space telescope team in June, as well as comments made by a senior NASA official in a U.S. government hearing.

Source: Anonymous says NASA has evidence of aliens

Alright….believe or no believe?

Could the “Ancient Alien” people be right?


15 thoughts on “Closing Thought–27Jun17

    1. LOL I have said something similar in the past….like they monitor the airwaves and see what a mess this is they would pass it by and put up a sign….”Ghetto ahead”….chuq

  1. I love to believe in aliens. But my jury is out, until there is more proof.
    Still, how cool would that be? I’m up for an ‘encounter’. (Scared perhaps, but what the hell…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. AS it were there is a spy story coming in a closing thought one day this week…..see I am a mind reader…LOL chuq

  2. I forget offhand which famous astronomer/astrophysicist said it, but, my thought on the concept parallels his, to wit: “To think there is other intelligent life in the universe is astounding; to think there is not is even more so…”

    As for whether NASA knows, it’s about a 50-50 proposition; if they’ve identified that many potential planets in this time, they may have other evidence regarding what they see around those planets/systems, such as energy expenditure signs between planets….

    They won’t tell us until they’re ready, so, why fret about it. When it happens, the world is going to change dramatically, rapidly; we humans will have to accept the simple fact we are not the be all or end all, any more than any other part of the universe…. How easy is THAT going to be for people who don’t even understand themselves enough to regard their own species as one organism? Not too well, I imagine…

    Sure will be fun, though, for those of us who’ve been waiting for it to happen….

    gigoid, the dubious


  3. I would not worry too much about the general public being informed about aliens among us or any such notions as that because the world still has this tendency to destroy what it does not understand and until Humanity can progress beyond that I don’t believe any alien life with any degree of intelligence will risk a confrontation or a reveal of their existence or their presence.

    I believe that if there is alien life out in the vast reaches of space then they are probably observing us from a safe distance …. reading the sounds the earth puts off …. trying to analyze the language patterns … the math concepts … the science concepts … the physiology, the biology of the creatures that inhabit the earth ——- the various indices of our military and its actions — the life span of the inhabitants of the planet …. the disease patterns …. the healing potentials …..Some of them might be doing experiments to try to unravel our speech and our thinking patterns much the same as we are doing with dolphins today …. They may have planted some of their own kind among our population ….. There is a lot of guessing and speculation going on but until the earth twin, “Tharoahs” reveals itself we are going to be kept guessing.

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