UK’s Secret Wars

As one person who studies and analyzes conflicts I like to look back on history and the different covert wars that made little news in their day.

I have been checking out the covert wars that have been fought by the US and its allies to include the UK…..and since I have readers and commenters from the UK  I thought I would post this piece and hopefully get more info from those who may know more…..

During my research on covert wars I cam across this article in the BBC website…..”Britain’s Secret Wars”…it is a long article and packed full of info and hopefully some info that is not there can be told by my readers.

Let me stress…this is a lengthy article but well worth the read for anyone interested in covert ops……

For more than 100 years, Britain has been perpetually at war. Some conflicts, such as the Falklands, have become central to our national narrative, but others, including the brutal suppression of rebels in Oman, have been deliberately hidden.

n the months after the surrender of Japan on 14 August 1945, the British people were ready to believe that war was behind them. The newspapers were full of stories about possible home rule for India, and dockers going on strike in London, Liverpool and Hull. It is questionable how many readers of the Manchester Guardian on 6 December 1945 saw, let alone read, a short item that was tucked away at the foot of page six, nestled between a reader’s letter about the Nuremberg war crimes trials and a leading article about the foundation of the United Nations.

Source: Britain’s secret wars | Ian Cobain | UK news | The Guardian

History is fascinating and covert ops even more so……so much has happened under the radar…it is interesting.

2 thoughts on “UK’s Secret Wars

  1. (They missed off, Kenya, fighting the Mau Mau.)
    Many of my relatives fought in these ‘small wars’. I had uncles who did national service in Korea, Suez, and Aden, as well as others fighting insurgents in Malaya. One of my Mum’s cousins was killed during the Suez fighting, serving his two years of compulsory service in the army.
    I knew about the UK in Indo-China, trying to re-establish the French colonies there. My Dad was still in India until early 1947, and knew some army colleagues who were sent there. He told me that they were appalled at having to issue weapons to Japanese soldiers, after their wartime treatment of prisoners.
    It is fairly well-known here that we have rarely had any periods of ‘peace’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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