‘Trump fellators, fanboys, grunting MAGA mouthbreathers’

Sorry I read this piece and just had to share…..I finally found a conservative that will grow a backbone and call this group in DC out for their stupidity.

Conservative Daily Beast columnist Rick Wilson went on a scathing rant about the news that President Donald Trump has pondered firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

Like many who have come before him, Wilson tried to explain to Trump and his followers why that would be an unbelievable mistake.

“It’s time for the final divorce between the clickservatives and any pretense they believe in the rule of law,” Wilson wrote of the armchair activists. “Let’s just get the f*ck on and this shabby pretense that we still live in a nation of laws. So, clickservatives, Trump fellators, fanboys, grunting MAGA mouthbreathers, sing out now [sic]. I really want to know. Is there anything he can do that strikes your conscience? Is there any sin, any excess, any affront? No? Good. That makes it easy for all of us.”

Source: Rick Wilson pens scathing tweetstorm against ‘Trump fellators, fanboys, grunting MAGA mouthbreathers’


I have a new found respect for a conservative……it began when the American Conservative started publishing stuff that made sense and made good points….someone is trying to bring real conservatism back to prominence…..

We need more conservs that will stand up and do what is right…..as of now they are sadly missing from the discourse.

Until then this man will take lots of grief from the alt Right…..of course he could increase his exposure…..after all he is a political commentator.

Side Note:  I intend to post this yesterday but other situations made it postponed until today….sorry about that….chuq

15 thoughts on “‘Trump fellators, fanboys, grunting MAGA mouthbreathers’

  1. Eh…if the anti-Trump right would stop insisting they need moral control over behavior, they’d get more independents and libertarians to align with them.

    But no – they presume that objecting to control over personal choices means supporting foolish choices. And then they tell us “Align with us or you’ll never have a chance!”

    They may be right about never having a majority, but their brand of Nanny state doesn’t appeal to me any more than the left’s.

    I hope I’m wrong, and I’m certainly glad to see someone other than leftists criticizing the Trump administration, but I don’t hold out much hope for them to come to their senses – at least, in sufficient numbers.

    1. I agree…there are a couple of sites that tell it like it is…conservs are coming to their senses but like you will it be enough?

      Thanx for the comment…I appreciate the participation….chuq

    1. There are still some descent conservs just their voices are drowned out by the idiots on the Right. They could still find a way…chuq

    2. A myth outside of Utah, perhaps. A stunning amount there voted for that Evan McMuffin fella.

      Post election, a distinction must be made between elected conservative/Republicans (+ party officials etc) and non-elected ones. The non-elected ones are free to speak out and -to their credit- some do. Not nearly enough. But I suspect the number of actual conservatives in the public at large is falling dramatically in this anything-but-conservative age. There are a lot of faux-conservatives out there. The impact of real ones is small.

      Meanwhile, Trump probably repulses the majority of conservative-genre elected Republicans. However, most elected types bury their emotions “for the sake of the children” -er- “for the sake of the party.”

      It’s a marriage made in Hell, a deal with the Orange Devil, etc. It will take something major for that to cause even a waiver of support.

  2. I must agree with Terrant, they are still helping to circle the wagons around Trump and the band of thugs. Yesterday, it seemed rather than question the AG the Republican’s on the Intel Comm put words in the mouth of Sessions and all he need to do was nod yes.

  3. SIGH… Labels, labels, labels. Maybe, if we all started thinking of people as people, rather than as one of the various labels we choose to describe them, we could look more clearly at what they actually say. Of course, that isn’t going to magically fix the world, but, it might be a start to being able to make more sense of the insanity….

    Once we assign a label to someone, we have put them in a category in our mind, & all our reactions to them are colored by how we feel about the category, thus dismissing the person….

    It won’t be magical, but, it will seem like it.

    gigoid, the dubious


    1. This guy was a conserv with half a brain and an all round nice guy….but we see what a Trump presidency can do to a person….chuq

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