America’s Real Red Scare

These days we hear a lot about Russia in the news and on blogs and assorted journals on-line…..

I find it fascinating that we still have a “Red Scare”……this time it is not from “the Commie hunters” from our recent past……this time it is the “Commie fear merchants” from the past that are defending Russia……

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Back in 2011, thinking about the implosion of the Soviet Union two decades earlier and what followed, I wrote: “In 1991, when the Soviet Union disappeared and the United States found itself the last superpower standing, Washington mistook that for a victory most rare. In the years that followed, in a … Continue reading “America’s Real Red Scare”

Source: America’s Real Red Scare – Original

Like I said….all so fascinating to watch the pendulum swing…..


4 thoughts on “America’s Real Red Scare

  1. This is amazing to see indeed, those Republicans defending contact with Russia. Could it be a positive move in the long-term though? Better to talk, than hide behind ‘Iron Curtains’, surely.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Red Scare… this….& it ain’t the Russians!
    Who’s Afraid of Jeremy Corbyn? via @politicomag
    Then see who wrote it!
    Of course Corbyn will never be able to implement his foreign policy….too many friends of Israel in all the parties…..shame we can’t expel them …like they did in biblical times….:)
    Very p.c. 😉
    Proof……Dispatches – Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby! via @YouTube
    Say No More!
    bye chuq….. politics..Bah!

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