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While the US was debating who did what over some sinner in the Oval Office…..the UK was having an election….I am not sure how important it is bur I am sure that there are many that will fill me in on the  nuances of UK politics…..but until then I have a breakdown from the media…..

Theresa May appears set to stay on as prime minister despite the spectacular failure of her attempt to increase the Conservative Party’s majority with an early election in the UK. The BBC reports that May, whose party lost 12 seats in Parliament, leaving it without the majority needed to govern alone, is planning to form a government with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party. With 326 seats needed to form a majority, the DUP’s 12 seats would give 330 or 331 votes on legislation, depending on how the final undeclared race turns out. The opposition Labour Party says it is also ready to form a minority government, though there is little chance of it forming a coalition with 326 seats. The latest:

  • Sources tell the Guardian that May has cut a deal with the DUP and will meet with the Queen Friday afternoon to confirm her plan for a new government. “We want there to be a government. We have worked well with May. The alternative is intolerable,” a DUP source says, adding that the party will try to ensure there is a Conservative prime minister as long as leftist Jeremy Corbyn leads the Labour Party. Other sources, however, tell the BBC that the DUP is still examining the “messy” situation and talk of a coalition is premature.
  • Corbyn’s Labour Party came second, but vastly outperformed expectations by picking up dozens of seats and denying May a majority, reports the Washington Post. “The prime minister called the election because she wanted a mandate,” Corbyn told supporters, urging May to step down. “Well, the mandate she’s got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support, and lost confidence.”
  • The surprise result cast doubt both on the Brexit negotiations, which are scheduled to start in just 10 days, and on plans for a second referendum on Scottish independence, the AP reports. The pro-independence Scottish National Party lost 20 of its 54 seats. Paul Nuttall, leader of the pro-Brexit UKIP party, resigned after losing the party’s only seat in Parliament. He told supporters the party has a “great future” as the “guard dogs of Brexit.”
  • The results in full can be shown here. UKIP’s share of the vote is down more than 10% since the 2015 election, which resulted in gains for both Labour and the Conservatives.
  • The Independent looks at the DUP and the implications of the small party holding the balance of power. In Northern Ireland, the party has fought hard to block same-sex marriage and the lifting of the ban on abortion.

One more in the election……

Source: 5 takeaways from the UK election – POLITICO

This is the best I could do on short notice…..but if there is any adjustments that need to be made I hope my Brit friends will set the story straight….thanx…..

9 thoughts on “Across The Pond

  1. You covered it well, and there is not too much to add. The other main thing is the future of the Prime Minister. It seems likely that Theresa May will have to fall on her sword, and take full responsibility for her errors during the campaign. If she fails to go quietly, they will almost certainly replace her as leader.
    The other main issue is the resurgence of the vote for the Labour Party. This was fuelled in part by the elderly rejecting Conservative policies, but also by young first-time voters, making Labour their voting choice.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. May was always a sacrificial lamb. I’m sure many of my fellow Canucks thought, “Hey, looks like Canada in the early 90’s.” May is a Kim Campbell flashback. Kim Campbell was Canada’s 1st female PM and shortest serving Conservative PM. Hell, she wasn’t even there long enough to move into the PM’s Residence.

      Campbell was given the job when lead-rat, Brian Mulroney, deserted his sinking ship with an unwinnable election approaching. The Conservative party lost 156 of its seats, winning only 2, hers not among them. Other than the odd appearance on Bill Maher’s show, Campbell hasn’t been seen since. Her biggest legacy was the quote “An election is no time to discuss important issues.”

      Like Mulroney, departing rat, Cameron, left May to suffer the repercussions of his ineptitude. Like Mulroney, Cameron held a national referendum he managed to lose despite all major parties being (officially) in favour of. Like Mulroney, Cameron has re-opened the door to a separation Referendum and put the nation’s economy into turmoil via a trade agreement.

      May is actually lucky she’s fared as well as she has. However, I’m sure she will disappear into history once the EU negotiations are over, if not before. From the very start, the only question was “How long do the farmers want her to sacrifice before they slaughter this lamb?”

      1. By some miracle we all survived another week of Trump.

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