James Comey’s Prepared Statement

Before I turn IST over to the USS Liberty…….

Today is the big day…..the Congressional Hearing…..if you will be watching then prepare yourself with a quick read of Comey’s opening statement….

The remarks were published on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s website. In those seven pages, Comey detailed his interactions with President Donald Trump on several occasions.

Source: Read James Comey’s prepared statement before Thursday’s Senate hearing | PBS NewsHour


8 thoughts on “James Comey’s Prepared Statement

  1. I’ve printed it out (I also thank you for the link!) so will have something to follow along with Comey when I watch this “must watch” TV.

  2. As would be expected, this statement from a high-ranking spook (just calling spades by their name) is little more than a CYA document (Cover Your Ass), as vague and unspecific as necessary for legal paradigms. Though I gave up about a third of the way through, there were no surprises, (for me, anyway), just a bunch of blather to bolster the pack of lies that issue daily from any spook’s mouth….It’s actually rather pathetic to watch them go through all their contortions in the attempt to keep people from noticing the man behind the curtain….

    “Must watch TV” Sorry for this, but, bwahahahahahahahahahaha……

    Why is is so hard for so many folks to see how tightly they wear their slave collar, and, how paying any attention to these idiots just encourages them, feeding right into their plans to distract people from the truth? It is ALL fucking lies, ffolkes; get a clue.All of it. Your (and, my, sadly) government does not have ANY of your interests at heart, and, in fact, do all they can do to keep you from ever getting that clue.

    THAT is the simple truth.

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Aye, ’tis dancing, but, not with much talent. It would be more entertaining if there were any talent involved….


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