Closing Thought–07Jun17

The news the Right wing seems to always miss!

After the London attacks there has been vile and disgusting “facts” tumbling around the Right wing blogs……they demonize a whole sector of society and NEVER admit when they are wrong…..

The condemnation that most say is never uttered….

Here is a msg from Muslim community to terrorists. You have lost your chances of asking for forgiveness in this life & hereafter.

And the hate of the Right wing will not let them look for what is actually been said and done….they prefer to stick to lies and deception…..

My day has been exhausting….time to kick back and relax until the morrow… well be safe….TTFN….chuq

7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Jun17

  1. Long day, indeed, amigo. Done all I can do, & you know what I always say; all you can do is all you can do.

    See ya soon…


  2. The lies and deception are built into the dna of the ideology in question and any such proclamations denouncing the actions of their storm troopers is a contrived deception that fools no one who knows the truth.

  3. Conversely, the Orange Blob had to be shamed into even offering a comment, for the two murdered Black Men, and one seriously wounded, who went to the aid of two Muslim Women. I wonder if he really ever did condemn the murderous White Supremacist!

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