The United States Of Insanity

There is so much taking place at one time here in the US….most of it is just plain absurd.  But since the 1980’s this country has been on a downhill spiral…..most of us thought that the insanity of the 1990’s was as worse as it could get….but we were sadly mistaken.

And then the election of 2016 came around the the  insanity got quicker and more harsh.  And then the vote happened and the craziness came to a head like a big juicy boil…….

Since the ascent to power of US President Donald Trump, two discussion topics have become increasingly popular: whether or not the man is insane and whether or not it’s appropriate to talk about whether or not the man is insane.

While many psychiatrists, mental health workers and media figures have abided by the idea that it is unethical to publicly debate the head of state’s mental soundness, others view the taboo as reckless.

In an interview with The Independent, for example, Yale University’s Dr Bandy Lee cited Trump’s “taunting of North Korea” and spontaneous bombing of Syria as indications that his “instability, unpredictability and impulsivity … point to dangerousness due to mental impairment.”

Source: The United States of insanity | Trump | Al Jazeera

Many Americans are waiting for the nightmare to be over….others think that they are living some absurd reality show…..and others think Hell has arrived.

A Long Day’s Journey Into Night

“He appears mad to a few because the majority is infected with the same disease”

“What is more insane than to vent on senseless things the anger that is felt towards men?”

“Insanity is contagious”

Does insanity have its limits?

God, I hope so!

13 thoughts on “The United States Of Insanity

  1. Well I once (or twice) posted my theory of his instability and it has a medical reason but he is the POTUS now and I’ll leave it with, he really does appear unstable to me as a non-medical person. But then I just might be covfefe. ENJOY!

  2. Yeah.. I also have “blogingly” lamented about his mental balance…
    ..the basis for my own blog.
    But I am not so sure Trump stands alone with the questions regarding his mental “prowess”. I find it equally nuts when all these administration people line up to defend this guy with idiotic justifications and equal disdain for the mainstream press for not covering all the “wonderful” things Trump has done (like what??).

    The real disappointment is that “we” are all finding what Trump says and does as some sort of new “normal” because we are bombarded daily with the strange, the bizarre, and the unexpected… all culminating in complete moral shock and political embarrassment. I don’t think Comey’s impending testimony this Thursday is going to be all that earth shaking but I do so wish it keeps the heat up toward a Trump impeachment.
    Some are viewing all these investigations as some great liberal plot to dump Trump. Well, the Republicans control Congress.. and no one is making any attempt to stop any of this.

  3. Nice to see an article expressing what has been clear to me since before the election, i.e., yes, he is insane. In this case, I am speaking with some authority, having worked with the mentally ill as a Senior Psychiatric Technician for 17 years during my working days, working in the mental health industry in other capacities, as well.. Because of that experience, I can say, without any fear of contradiction, his insanity is long-standing, deeply embedded in his personality and has a clinical prognosis that does not bode well for any hope of ever changing. Actually, I don’t believe him to be psychotic, in the sense he hears voices, or has other hallucinations. However, he has a severe personality disorder, sociopathy, as well as the often concomitant condition of narcissism. Together, they make him a truly unstable person, emotionally, and cognitively….

    But, then, so is our culture, which is how he got elected in the first place, isn’t it?….

    Ah, well, it’s a good thing reality bats last, I think….

    gigoid the dubious

    1. I’m just relieved he’s not had any Russian hookers.
      (pregnant pause)
      Why would anyone even care???

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