Remembering The Great Muhammad Ali

Last year this month Mohammad Ali died…it is fitting that we look back on the life of this famous American…..

On how Muhammad Ali’s death started a debate on anti-blackness within the Muslim community.

It came as a shock to all of us. A man who seemed invincible could not defeat his own mortality. He was known to be suffering from poor health, but it was no less of a blow. And for many Muslim communities around the world, his death was a particularly scathing event.

Muhammad Ali died on June 3 last year, only a few days before the month of Ramadan began, a holy month within the Islamic calendar observed through fasting, prayer and charity. Ali chose to live his life according to Islam, and he left this world as the holiest month of his religion began. His funeral was a global event full of traditional Islamic rites, so much so that his spiritual adviser and imam, Zaid Shakur was reported to have said at the time that “Muhammad planned all this … and he planned for it to be a teaching moment”.

Source: Remembering the great Muhammad Ali as a black Muslim | Racism | Al Jazeera

11 thoughts on “Remembering The Great Muhammad Ali

  1. Let’s see now — I remember that a really great prize fighter named Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali at some point in his career and that he considered himself to be “The Greatest” at something or other and that he could kick some serious butt when it came to fighting in a ring! I remember that he was convicted of draft evasion and was sentenced to five years in prison, fined $10,000 and banned from boxiing for three years. Other than that … I remember nothing of the guy. I do know he was a great sportsman, young, strong and tough-as-nails and I liked to watch him box. It was almost like if you betted on him to win a match you could hardly ever expect to lose the bet.

      1. I am sure there is more to the man than that and I am sure that those who are interested must be pleased and that is a good thing.

  2. Every human alive is on their own spiritual journey, seeking their own meaning for life, and following their dreams to find their own place in the scheme of the universe. Some people’s journey takes them to places where the events all musts undergo are played out on a wider stage than the local, or common. Ali was one whose life took him to the world stage, as he went through the changes of life, in such a way as to provide inspiration for others on a very large scale….

    That there are those who would dismiss, or denigrate his passing, or the memory his life’s accomplishments, says much more about the critic than the subject of their lack of enthusiasm, and, in fact, tells us exactly where on their own journey they have stopped to give way to fear…. The only way to get beyond fears is to learn….

    I don’t subscribe, at all. to the cult of celebrity that assumes sports figures are necessarily role models; as with any person, that should depend on their whole life’s actions, not just what takes place on the field of play/work. How they play, and how they behave in winning or losing is more indicative of their worth than their celebrity….

    Ali was, perhaps, not the ‘Greatest’, but, it didn’t matter, because he was the very best of his time, at what he did, and that’s enough…..He may have lived in such a manner that offends some, but, as far as I could tell from observing him his entire life, he acted with honor, and according to his beliefs, for his entire time here on Earth. Well, this time around, anyway….Who knows? Maybe he gets another chance….

    gigoid, the dubious

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