Death Of Children Is Unacceptable

The recent cowardly attack on the concert in Manchester England…killed and wounded many children and the world went crazy in its condemnation of the bastards that killed these children and rightly so.

Anytime that civilians are targeted for some sort of attack should be met with condemnation around the world……should be called what it is…..a war crime….a crime against humanity……NO matter who the perp is!

I say that because of recent news……

Exemplified by the hundred and some odd people they’ve killed in the last 48 hours, the US is struggling mightily with the narrative that they are taking extraordinary care to limit the number of civilian casualties in the air war in Syria, and are rapidly losing any pretense of a moral high ground.

Indeed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is noting that the soaring death toll from US airstrikes has now surpassed the civilian toll of the Assad government’s own airstrikes, which the US and other Western nations have condemned as indiscriminate and irresponsible.

Oftentimes, US officials have been so outraged at Syria’s “indiscriminate” air strikes that they’ve demanded regime change, and has railed at Russia and Iran for tolerating their tactics in bombing civilian targets. Obviously, the US never sees the same problem with its own massive killings.

That’s probably because officially, they don’t even recognize the overwhelming majority of the civilian deaths they cause, as the Pentagon’s official death toll for the air war in Iraq and Syria omits virtually all major incidents, and tends to be at most 10% of the toll reported by NGOs.


Civilians should be off limits….even if they are family members of “bad guys”…I do not believe in the only “Guilty by association” bullshit.

You can pick your friends but you cannot pick your family….it is a crime to punish a whole family for the action of one person…..where will the US draw the line….since we are so found to drawing those lines…..?

The US is always using children and civilians to gin up some sort of action…and yet we are just as guilty as anyone in the deaths of civilians especially children…..and yet that is somehow acceptable.

Using civilian deaths that is until it is the deaths they cause……those deaths are under reported……

The Pentagon continues to offer “official” civilian death tolls from the US air war in Iraq and Syria that is only a tiny fraction of the killings documented by private NGOs, but even this deliberate undercount is rising at a growing rate, reflecting what is in reality a precipitous spike in civilian deaths.

The last report, from early May, only confirmed 23 civilians killed in the entire first quarter of 2017. That’s been revised upward to 128, as the Pentagon finally admitted to killing 105 civilians n a March 17 incident in Mosul. All indications from independent sources are that the Mosul incident actually killed around 220 people.

The Pentagon added another 27 civilian deaths in their new report, which includes April, with almost all of these deaths also happening in Mosul. This once again is far below the many hundreds reported killed everywhere else, but dramatically more than the single-digit monthly tolls they usually admit to.

Civilian deaths are never acceptable…..unavoidable but never acceptable.


18 thoughts on “Death Of Children Is Unacceptable

      1. I can’t complain about anything, won’t do any good anyway. Best wishes for the week ahead.

  1. Even though I am English, I said much the same thing after the Manchester bomb.
    “How many children died in Syria today, I wonder?”
    That wasn’t intended to be disrespectful to those lost in Manchester, but to try to put into perspective the rhetoric concerning the killing of children, in any country.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. This is a good report, addressing the general ignorance of a world religion, alongside the soundbite media coverage that has become the norm, in these days of smartphones and rolling news. I was taken by a comment on my redflagflying blog. It was made by my cousin, a well-read and reasonable man, recently retired from a long career as a Transit Cop.

        “Hi Pete, terrible but predictable events in London last night. Like many, I watched from the safety of my couch as people ran in fear from pubs I have enjoyed and streets I use frequently. As expected, the media and politicians and police ask the same questions and make the same comments as they have for all the previous attacks. My own pet hate is the nonsense phrase ‘Radical Islam’. I agree with the old adage “Don’t judge a religion on its behaviour when it is weak, judge it on its behaviour when it is strong”. Where Islam can stone to death victims of rape, they do. Where they can throw gay men from rooftops, they do. Floggings? Yep, amputations, yep. Oppression of women, additional taxation for persons of other faiths? Banning non Muslims from holy cities? Yep. Islamic countries are free to choose a more liberal path but they often choose all of the above. These attacks are not the acts of a misguided few, but part of a sliding scale of an hideous religion.”

        This is how many see the issue here. It is indeed a wider war of cultures brewing.
        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. A good comment but people need to realize the all the ac ts committed were the laws of the leaders of these countries……sharia law is not part of the Quran and that the stuff in the Hadiths are not followed by all….but there is a war if cultures…and it will get messy….chuq

  2. I agree that the murder of a child is unacceptable, as is the murder of anyone–regardless of sex, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc Or Age! But, when you speak (or write) of terrorism, or any mass murder–you must be realistic in your considerations, no matter how thoughtful!

    When a bomb goes off, or an automatic weapon sprays a crowd, or hey, let’s not forget poisonous gas: the terrorist or murderer is often not killing “people”, per se, they were killing “them”, the assumed other people. There is little selectivity in targets–who possibly is killed, wounded or otherwise effected. Consider how many Muslims and people from the Middle East and North Africa who worked, or were visiting, the Twin Towers, when they imploded on 9/11.

    When we look at the killing of children, whether it be in drive-bys in our local areas, the so-called “Collateral Damage” of civilians when our jets drop bombs on another country, or the recent concert bombing, how or why should one be different than another? Also, when do they stop being children? Age 10, 12, 16…?

    1. Killing non-combatants is wrong and will always be wrong….bombs are not selective nor drones…..and the way forward speaks of even more deaths that serve no purpose other then killing. chuq

  3. Chug, I hope that you don’t mind; but, I’m going to expand this thought–somewhat along the lines of my comment; but, also in the direction off another idea. For instance: Fund-raisers have found that they are more successful when they place (first) names and faces on their appeals, especially, when it comes to children. TKS, CHEEKOS.

      1. I used for some background….the analysis is mine…there is no problem use whatever you need….I am not in it for accolades just to inform and educate……chuq

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