Closing Thought–02Jun17

An IST Public Service Message……..

Have you retired?

Would you like to do something for your community?

Seniors have a wealth of experience why not share that with your neighbors?

Americorps is a fine way for seniors to give back….

A couple of short vids will explain this…….

I volunteer as a tutor to students that have a problem with history….it is very rewarding when you see the student’s light go on and he/she grasp the subject…..I also hold discussion groups at a local college which helps students find there way through the maze of college history…..

If you are retired and would like something to do then I suggest that you check into Americorps and Senior Corps…..DO NOT just sit and wait…Get up and do something!

That is it for the week……onto the weekend and some much needed relaxation….enjoy…be well, be safe…..chuq


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02Jun17

  1. When I retired, I got straight into volunteering.

    I worked for the Fire Service, installing smoke alarms in the houses of vulnerable people, and making presentations to groups of all ages about fire safety in the home.
    I also worked at the local junior school, on the road safety programme, teaching them how to cycle safely on the road. Later on, I also worked one day a week at the local windmill, as a guide to visitors.

    I gave up on the Fire Service and school work, when they started to ask me to work every day. Not only did this mean I would be working almost full-time for nothing, it also allowed them to use me to replace a ‘real’ job. Then I had stop working in the windmill, when I developed vertigo.

    So I applied to be a volunteer ‘reading helper’ for children with learning difficulties. This was for sessions at the local library, or in schools as a classroom helper. They replied that my age made me unsuitable for this job, as they were looking for much younger people to ‘better relate’ to the children. They also implied that a man of my age might not be suitable to be around young children, ‘for obvious reasons’. I was very angry at this implication, and considering I had already been working on the school road safety for two years, I thought it ridiculous too.

    Currently, I no longer volunteer for anything, but the scheme you outline looks like a really good use of your free time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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