Closing Thought–17May17

Ambassador Who?

Pres. Trump is lagging behind with his appointments of people to the various positions…..his latest appointment is the ambassador to the Vatican……

President Trump has settled on Callista Gingrich as the US ambassador to the Vatican, CNN reported first Sunday night, saying the choice has been made but the process has been hung up by the Office of Government Ethics, which needs to give its approval. The network reports a formal nomination of the wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich could come as soon as this week, with Trump wanting it to be made before his May 24 meeting with Pope Francis. That her name was being floated has been known since January—Newt himself told CNN as much shortly after Trump became president. Newt wouldn’t say much to the New York Times Sunday night beyond noting both he and his wife had been advised to “be very cautious” until an announcement was made.

The Times has more on Callista’s relationship with Catholicism: She helped Newt convert and sings in the Basilica of the National Shrine choir, but it points out she had a hand in the demise of Newt’s third marriage. An opinion piece at the National Catholic Reporter makes the case that “the Vatican cares less about the moral history of an ambassadorial nominee than it does about the nominee’s access to the decision-makers in the administration.” As for the administration, Axios contributes this to the rumor mill: “About six weeks ago … Trump told our source he was reluctant to send Callista to the Vatican because he likes seeing her husband Newt defending him on TV. Our source told the President they were sure satellite hook-ups could be arranged for Newt at the Holy See.”

Really?  He could not find anyone else?

But what can I expect?

Trump is hiring people that are not qualified for the positions that he puts them in…… so in that light I guess this is the perfect choice.

May you all have a great day and I will see you tomorrow for more stuff…..chuq


6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–17May17

  1. Hey.. I wanted to be Ambassador to the Vatican, goddamnit!! 🙂

  2. gigoid was here… but, having given up on the news, has no informed opinion, other than to note the job of ambassador to ANYTHING has to be the absolute worst punishment he can think of… having to play nice with and for people for whom he can summon no respect…. but, maybe that’s just him….

    Have a good evening, my friend; most wanted you to know I was here…

    gigoid, the dubious


  3. That’s one ridiculous ‘country’ that doesn’t need ambassadors from anywhere. But what a gig. You get to live in Rome, and hang out in St Peter’s. Must be one of the best jobs in the world. I know let’s give it to the wife of an old stalwart, with no experience. Nothing wrong there. Move on to the next freak show booth.
    Regards, Pete.

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